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05-29-02 08:41
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      acetone for methanol, swap. Less heat  Bookmark   

You think Acetone could be used instead of Methanol in the Oxone run? maybe the Acetone would keep the rxn running cooler to avoid kark happening. Anyone?

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OOPs sorry, cheese now knows that Acetone reacts with Oxone to make a truly fine epoxidizing agent called...di...di..
anyone? Oh well, cheese will read harder before asking dumb questions again.
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05-29-02 16:19
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      Dioxirane  Bookmark   

Search for dioxirane and you will get numerous relevant hits.

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05-29-02 18:53
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      Dangerous  Bookmark   

Dioxirane is defined as volatile organic peroxide, what means danger.
05-29-02 21:35
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05-30-02 02:05
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      not really  Bookmark   

does oxone possess the potential to oxidize acetone  to acetone all the way to acetone peroxide, or does it always stop at dioxirane?

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06-04-02 22:56
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      acetone peroxide & oxone  Bookmark   

I know that peroxymonosulfuric acid catalyzes the formation of dimeric and trimeric acetone peroxide, but I don't have any data on its potassium salt (= Oxone).