Lucid_Dreamer (Newbee)
05-30-02 22:30
No 316042
      RP via mexico  Bookmark   

Swim is taking a trip out of country but he is not exactly sure where yet and he would appreciate some info pertaining to availability of RP in other countries specicifically mexico and the legalities of border control.

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(Hive Bee)
05-31-02 01:39
No 316109
      legalities of border control  Bookmark   

legalities of border control

They'll not be very happy with you, in fact...They might be a little more angrier than if you were caught with it in the states.

Dont Drop the Soap!!!winkwinkwink

Wait, did you hear that?  I think someone is out side!!!
05-31-02 02:14
No 316121
      Canada?  Bookmark   

More specifically Ontario? How about them, are they overrun w/ precursor laws, and do they sell it OTC or in any other way?

BTW i use body wash winkwinkwink

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(Line Monitor)
05-31-02 14:22
No 316272
      Mexico  Bookmark   

Go farther south cus mexico is 100% on the take with any chems. Ask the wrong person and that's all she wrote. What ever you do don't ask a taxie driver they can set you up.

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(Hive Bee)
05-31-02 20:26
No 316361
      It is my impression that Canada has precursor ...  Bookmark   

It is my impression that Canada has precursor issues as well. You probaby can thank the DEA for fucking things up for you on the entire North American continent.
(Chef d'Equippe)
06-02-02 11:38
No 316820
      Mix the RP with some chili powder and get some ...  Bookmark   

Mix the RP with some chili powder and get some other spices while youre down there too. Make sure that the spices are all in clear containers so the contents are easily viewed. Remember, you love authentic mexican cuisine and the spice trip is a yearly ritual for you.
Worked like a charm for Baal.

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(Distinctive Doe)
06-03-02 01:22
No 316940
      separation?  Bookmark   

so baal
hypothetically how could one separate the RP from the chili?

I'll bet that questions been asked 100 times, in a different context.

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(Can't SWIM)
06-03-02 03:08
No 316983
      Shit  Bookmark   

Just dissolve the C powder with Hcl.

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(Distinctive Doe)
06-03-02 03:25
No 316988
      well  Bookmark   

In my world HCl don't dissolve stuff that well, it might work tho.

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
(Can't SWIM)
06-03-02 04:41
No 317025
      yeah  Bookmark   

Probably not muriatic, no.
 But either a dilute or or full strength H2So4 with fast
hands might.??tongue

CG I miss you sweety, I really do.
(Hive Bee)
06-03-02 05:48
No 317040
      empty out chili powder  Bookmark   

then reseal he bottle

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06-04-02 04:16
No 317332
      mexico  Bookmark   

yea, swim & swim's s.o. make mexico trip 2-3x yr n swius is usually pretty fuckin nervouse trying to be swimus own mules for multilpy-over-the-quota of diazapam et cetera - and still tryin to fit profile of 'another stupid gringo tourist' - I donno the difference in penalty 900 valium vs fat wad of RP... but if one was gonna relagate oneself to smuggling it across the boarder (any boarder) then one might as well get the real deal and toss on a key of smack.  (Weird how swim has balls to take xyz risks but finds same balls absent come pdq risks...) - 

maybee if swim went there in winter, those asthma-med/denture/eyeglass buying snowbirds that descend upon the deasert southwest every year could be talked into 'muling' yea...that's the ticket... 'it's for 4th of july fireworks', yea 'it's the patriotic thing', 'here, lemme buy your meds for you just pick up this barrel for me...'

oh crap tmf!  you just aced someones source- (you bastared tmf!) 'I was doin FINE with my granny crew, years of work,  15 55gal barrels a season! fuck u!'

or someone get pissed at me 'cause grandma had a stroke getting full cavity searched 'cause "somebody on the internet said that retireees where now the big drug runners - wait 'till I find the bastard!!"

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06-04-02 05:02
No 317346
      Mexico Bail Money  Bookmark   

Just a thought... but some of swims friends, when going to Mexico, always keep an extra 50 bucks in their sock.  This way, if they do happen to get set up (by those damn taxi drivers wink) they have some extra bail money. 

Also, be careful who you give your bail moeny to.. if it's the wrong dude he'll just pocket it and then your out $50.  And if that happens you'll sure be glad your sock is stuffed!!

(Hive Bee)
06-04-02 07:50
No 317405
      Better bring a little more  Bookmark   

Better bring a little more than that. If you do get caught by local police, yes you can pay probably 200 pesos. But if you get caught by federales, plan on paying alot more. But 9 times out of ten at least you can pay. Try paying of a DEA agent and see what you get.
If your serious about this you need to know someone in mexico that will help you. finding someone in mexico that will help is easier than in other places. And will keep you out of trouble most likely until you try to take it home.

I think i like it!
(Line Monitor)
06-04-02 14:40
No 317479
      Trust me  Bookmark   

If you think there so backwards and this will bee a cake walk your wrong. Don't go to a border town go atleast 200kl south to a large town on the sea. Get 30 vises here in the USA going south is no problem wiffen and token but heading north look srtaight lace and bee ready for these two man check points.

Give me libreum or give me Meth