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Isomerization of safrole to isosafrole in solventless system promoted by microwave irradiation
Le, Ngoc Thach; Tran, Huu Anh; Nguyen, Anh Kiet; Tran, Kim Phuong
Tap Chi Hoa Hoc, 37(1), 92-94 (1999)

microwave irradn. allows the title reaction to be realized in a short time in the presence of KOH, KOBu-tert, or KF-Al2O3 catalyst with or without the phase transfer catalyst aliquat. the reaction was carried out in multimode and monomode ovens; the latter appears to be better as it can give the same yield with lower power.

Edit: this article has been posted in Post 476204 (Rhodium: "Solventless Isomerization of Safrole", Novel Discourse)