sasser (Stranger)
06-01-02 22:54
No 316732
      Hash oil     

Cannibis Extraction Vessel
The CEV is A pop bottle with the valve body of A used butane can with the pop
bottle cap holding it all together.Cannibis is placed into the pop bottle.The valve
body cap is hand tightend.1" vinyl tubbing used to  adapts the butane canister to the
CEV just as filling a lighter the butane is pushed into the CEV.Workup is completed
the usaual way by evaporating the butane away to leave the oil.
 materials list
   1 clean dry 16oz pop bottle PETE plastic           
   1 pop bottle cap w/ removable gaskit and good solid threads
   1 empty 8oz metal butane can w/ universal nozzle(graduated)                  
   1 inch 1\16 ID vynal tubbing

   1 5 inch wire cutters     1 rotary tool (dremel)          1 cut off wheel
   1 3/8 drill               1 3/8 high speed drill bit

 step 1 remove the remanning butane gas
Snip the bottom of the empty butane can with the wire cutters to remove butane

 step 2 extracting the valve body
Butane can's have 5 parts cantainer,bead,seal,valve body and nozzle.the seal is
mechanicly compressed over the bead the valve is in the center of the valve body and
has a nozzle at the top.The nozzle has A tip and base.To remove the valve body snip
the (bead) 4 times with wire cutters.Now that the bead is cut gentley grasp the valve
body with the wire cutters and pull away from the can. the whole valve body pops out
easaly with a pong sound.

 step 3 using the rotary tool and cut off wheel to remove excess metal.
at the bottom of the valve body notice the TWo circle's bent into the metal of the
valve body located perpendicular to the direction of the nozzle.Using A rotary tool
cut between the circle's 

 step 4 milling the rough metal until smooth.
holding the nozzle tip at the index finger and the valve's base with the thumb
use the rotory tool at an angle as such that the valve body spins in your fingers
with the spin of the rotary tool.The whole thing spins and mills down to a buatiful
soba bottle sized circle keep going untill all unwanted metal is removed.

 step 5 3/8 hole in the center of the bottle cap
the bottle cap should have gaskit witch must have A 3/8 hole to dont remove.A good
sharp drill bit is essential in dilling a clean hole in the plastic.scrap pice ofwood
underneath and drill it.then remove the gaskit

 step 6 assemble the CEV
The valve body snaps into the hole made in the pop bottle cap.The the gaskit is placed
on the bottom of the valve body.With construction completed the CEV cap can be hand
tightened onto the clean dry soda bottle and pressurized up to 120 PSI withstand butane
and will last for years plus.

the size of valve body and soda bottles in universal the nozzles are not.Adapting with
small diamiter vinyl tubing will give A leak free connection wizard.leaks are detected
by the hissing sound of gas escaping and the fact that butane is flamible if no hiss is
heard then A lighter flame will find smaller leaks.dont tighten the CEV with
you can see Im crazy so dont try this at test,max psi test,and rocket test.   
extracting oil with the CEV

  materials list
  3 cans of butane 8 oz cans (no mercaptan)
  1 coffee filter
  1 rubber band
  1 250 ML borosilicate glass measuring cup
  1 ounce dry leaf
  1 gram dry flowers
  1 clean dry butter knife

 step 1 preparing plant materal
dry leaf ground to dust in a blender and loaded into the CEV chill in bucket of ice
for about 15 minuits.Use leaf no flowers save your buds unless they suck.
 step 2 charging CEV with butane
Place full room temp butane can on top of CEV and allow the butane to fill it to about 1
 inch above plant matiral.when the flow of butane slows remove the can and heat
with luke warm water CEV on ice temp pressure differential pushes the butane into the CEV.
 step 3 extract leaf for x hours
extraction of oil with the CEV is more controlible then PVC method extraction time is
ajustible much less butane is need to process the same amount of plant materal.butane
seems to be a selective solvent for THC after witch other crap will disolve so the
first crop of oil will be te best.second crop will be good third crop depends what
you start with.keep cold as possible with THC its much more unstable when exthacted
small batches use the product right away dont store or stockpile 1OZ batches

 step 4 decant off the butane oil mixture
with the CEV chilled on ice remove the valve boby cap slowly to equlize pressure then
cover the open soda bottle with the coffee filter the secure with a rubber band remove
excess coffee filter all quickly then quickly turn upside down doumping the butane
(this is about the right time for a smoke brake) into your clean dry borosilclate glass
measuring cup  alow the butane to push itself out of the cev into the measureing cup
when done turn CEV right side up tap the top multible times to make cannibis butane mash
to settle at the bottom of the CEV break the filter paper to pust any plant materal that
 may have ploged the bottles neck clean CEV top of debres recap refill with
butane repate step 3.

 step 5 evaporate butane oil mix
body heat helps drive away the last traces of butane luke warm water can also be used
 step 6 reabsorbe onto flowers
dump the gram of flower into the cup use clean butter knife to mix the oil flowers together.
store oil in cold place untill used. smoke in clean pipe and enjoy
(Hive Bee)
06-07-02 07:15
No 318465
      Allow me to add some improvements to this, please.     

Go to office depot and there is a cleaner there that is pure hexane whis just like butane, but less volatile and easier to handle.
If thier is further interest on intimacies on THC manipulation (isomerization, regioselective) , purification, packaging, and analog synthesis therof.
I will be happy to expound in nuch greater detail, upon request.
but I won't wast bandwidth/time if it's not nessecary.
Thank you all and have a good day!smile
(Distinctive Doe)
06-07-02 20:01
No 318611

swif found hexane extract to not bee nearly as selective as butane?

Or perhaps the "low vac" distillation of the hexane caused changes?

Butane = honey oil
Hexane = slightly greenish thick paste(no real bioassay done), why bioassay if ya got tastey greenb bud?

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
(Ubiquitous Precursor Medal Winner)
06-12-02 17:36
No 320260

Yeah, SS, the point of a supercritical extraction is that the solvent is a gas at STP: butane, propane, CO2, freon, etc. Hexane is suitable for a plain percolation extraction, but without special qualities beyond other extractions with liquids. Supercritical fluids are under pressure, and do a much better job at extraction. Then you get the bonus that all the solvent goes away, leaving you with your pure extractive.

a half a pints a half a pound a half a world a half a round
Sidearm n. Flask neck tube.
06-13-02 13:27
No 320725

It seems there's still some volatiles present in the oil after the butane has boiled away.

I had some of that brown sludge in the bottom of a beaker, when I put it in hot bath the sludge started bubbling.

Does some of the butane stick in the goo for many minutes in temperatures well above it's boiling point, or is the bubbling more likely due to some hydrocarbon what-ever that gets extracted with the cannabinoids? When warming up the sludge, am I getting rid of residual solvent or am I destroying something, essential oils perhaps?

08-03-02 18:25
No 340618
      to get the last butain out of the oil     

this is one area i have experince with. when you get most of your butain boiled off. heat up the oil using a hair dryer or any thing else suitable to boil off the last bit of butain and to thin the oil out. then put in a few drops of pur isp alcohal this will get out the last bit of butain and clear up the color of the oil a bit. yummy yumy golden oil. my favrit. has any on here herd of my invetion i made a few years ago its called "thetube"? its basicly a big pyrex eye droper 30 inches long that is used to blast the leaf with butane.
(Hive Bee)
08-03-02 23:00
No 340721
      This method is too old school     

But I will tell you with a 5 foot PVC pipe, a tank of butane, a large glass beaker, and all the clippings from a moths harvest, you will have enough oil to last forever.  I should also note that when doing large quantities it is very adventageous to flood the tube with butane 3 times, and yes this works much better then flooding it fort way longer.  So I assume on a small scale that we could do a 3 times extraction and get better yeilds as well, however, whenever I have had the opportunity to do it smal scale, we only had enough butane for one run, but in the large scale ventures I have always had a large tank, and the ability to run it through multiple times.  Another tip is if you are doing multple runs, clean the beaker each time, becaus eother wise the newly boiling solvent will put air bubble into the oil producty and it will have a texture like whipped butter, which can then be removed if necessary with heating in an oil bath until is is a viscous liquid again, and then putting into a vial for starage. 

Need more tips on this method, pm.

NOW someone start working on how to do this same thing with ephedra, using CO2.


We are the people that your parents warned you about.
(Hive Bee)
08-03-02 23:02
No 340722
      Ok, now...     

  put 5ml's of h2so4 per 100 mls of oil and nuke 3x on level 2 in the microwave for 1minute on /3 off ... wash with baking soda to neutralize, then smoke and report back...

  Next put 10 mls in a test tube, add an excess ( 2 mls ) of glacial acetic acid and nuke for 30 sec on, 2 min  off 3x neutralize w/ baking soda and then smoke.  Wait 30 minutes for the peak, then report back..

  THAT will be useful..

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
08-05-02 09:10
No 341550
      Come on then,     

You bastard,
What does it do, This sounds really really interesting,

IQ is the rate of logic, as Wisdom increases logic, fear & compromise decrease to reveal objectivity
(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 11:31
No 341577

Turns shit into gold...

 step 1: takes all lower rotating isomers of THC and isomerizes them to high rotation forms (body stone columbian to head trip hawaiian) and it works on shake, and bottom leaf, no seeds...

 step 2:  Acetylates the THC, which is what you do to morphine to turn it into heroin, acetylation facilitates brain barrier transport and turns it into a psychedelic stone, but you have to wait 30 minutes for it to get off...

   Now you gotta do it an report back...

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
08-05-02 16:42
No 341670

The third step can isomerize cannabidiol into THC, it has nothing to do with high rotation forms or "body stone columbian to head trip hawaiian" crazy.

The second step does NOTHING, it's bogus, it's a myth! Even if it did something to THC it wouldn't enhance distribution into the brain because THC is already extremely lipophilic crazy.
(Hive Bee)
08-05-02 19:19
No 341720
      Cannabis alchemy     

  Well, thanks lilenthal, I don't use the herb, but the methods come from the cannabis alchemy book, which does seem to speak with some authority on this.  Since I can't do thc, I put this out so someone might confirm it.

  You are saying that that whole book was just bogus?

  Is your statement based upon analysis or upon experience, having tried the method and gotten nothing. 


Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
08-07-02 07:38
No 342383
      Lil, (my European friend) What does the first ...     

Lil, (my European friend)
Does the first step justify the proceedure, Is it worth it?

IQ is the rate of logic, as Wisdom increases logic, fear & compromise decrease to reveal objectivity
(Distinctive Doe)
08-08-02 07:56
No 342877
      THC-acetate is real tho isn't it?     

THC-acetate is real tho isn't it?
There are reports that sound real enough here.
I'm not sure

I think Lili was saying that procedure is bunk.

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
(Chief Bee)
08-08-02 12:54
No 342953
      R. Mechoulam rates higher than D. Gold
(Rated as: good read)

I have the 500-page book "Marijuana" by Raphael Mechoulam (the Shulgin of THC's) and in his book, THC acetate is clearly less potent than THC itself. The THC acetate myth comes from D. Gold's book "Marijuana Alchemy"...

According to Mechoulam, THC Acetate (or rather O-Acetyl-THC) has a potency of 0.5x that of THC and not 2x as stated in D. Gold's book.
08-08-02 17:30
No 343020

hellman: I depends on the quality of your starting material i.e. if there's much CBD in it in relation to THC - CBD is the plant's precursor to THC. Search and read about 'CBD to THC isomerization'.
(Hive Bee)
08-08-02 19:20
No 343058

Thanks rhodium, for setting the record straight on Gold's book...

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
(Distinctive Doe)
08-09-02 06:59
No 343376
      Ok I am still confused     

THC acetate is real.

It is less potent, this I did know.
But potency isn't everything, shit the pot i have is almost to damn potent.

Variety is the spice of

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
(Chief Bee)
08-09-02 11:20
No 343421
      THC Acetate     

Yes, it is real, and it will probably have effects differing from normal THC.
12-04-02 04:45
No 386018
      THC acetate has a very pronounced creeper high.     

THC acetate has a very pronounced creeper high.
duration seemed longer.I will need to get me that book
thanks guys.
01-02-03 05:03
No 394787

 g'day people will post something turning cannibiods to thc & thc into delta 9-thc (otc)
this provided you have oil to start with
also if you want to turn your hash oil to solid hash it's as easy as
get some leaf you've already blasted with butane crush it
til its a very fine powder mix with oil @ 40% oil to 60% 
hash oil place between two books for pressing leave for afew hrs in a cool  to cold place, you can mix your oil to powdered leaf ratio as strong or as weak as you like although its not recommended to have less than 25-30% oil in mix and not as strong 75-80% oil
gwandawalan(peace bee with you)
(Hive Addict)
01-02-03 08:07
No 394809
      I don't know what the fuck the guy above me...     

I don't know what the fuck the guy above me just posted, but I do remember reading somewhere(maybe it was Shulgin's bit about future drugs of abuse, who knows) about some guys in the US who were growing bud, extractiong the hash oil, and refulxing the hash oil with acetic anhydride, which produced an acetyl of THC.  This acetal ws a powder, and could be distributed as such, and had no residual plant matter or oil left in it.

They got busted and sent to jail for it anyway, but it makes a nice story.  To me, anyway.

It is seductive, way too seductive.             -Eleusis
(Chef d'Equippe)
01-02-03 11:28
No 394823
      THC acetate sucks, waste of time.     

THC acetate sucks, waste of time. Iso'd hash oil, then non-polar extracted, gives the raging stone.

Shoot Narcs, Not Drugs
(Hive Bee)
01-02-03 20:20
No 394889

All you really need to get super ripped is a good kif box and some super frosty foilage.

Extracting THC is fun, and get's you baked no doubt.. but if you want to smoke bang bang, you must kif your herb!

Caution: Bong hits of kif will almost always leave you retarded. Being retarded means you will be unproductive. Being unproductive may lead to depression, at which point you need to smoke more to counter that awful state of being. Finally, you may decide enough is enough, but most likely, that wont happen, so keep smoking!!!

Much respect to the most beautiful plant on earth! smile I love you pot. smile

01-04-03 06:40
No 395279
      thc acetate is the only way to stabilize the...     

thc acetate is the only way to stabilize the drug for commercial sale.Once extracted the crap self destructes proportanaly to heat and light
01-05-03 05:49
No 395520
      THC citrate?     

I remember reading in one of the two books Rhodium mentioned (Marijuana Chemistry or Marijuana Alchemy) that the citrate salt, if it could be prepared, would be very potent.

Was this BS, or is there some merit in this claim? I know some pharmaceuticals are prepared in this form.

Would such a salt be impossibly difficult to prepare and if not would it be stable?
(Chief Bee)
01-05-03 14:21
No 395559
      You are probably mistaken, you cannot prepare...     

You are probably mistaken, you cannot prepare salts of THC, as it contains no acid or basic groups.
01-06-03 06:06
No 395719
      I am talking about ISOMERIZATION man and the...     

I am talking about ISOMERIZATION man and the other part of post is simple mix for turning your oil into a solid hash

dissolve hash oil in pure methanol or absolute ethanol 10grams of solvent per 1 gram of extract
ther must NOT bee any h20 as the next step is the addition of 100% SULPHURIC ACID acid must bee stirred slowly and completely
place sol in pyrex pot and put into reflux app for 2 hrs
allow to cool when cool
pour equal amount of d-h20 and 1-2 volume of pet ether shake quickly for sec to expose to ether let settle then drain ether layer
this leaves a mix that needs to bee purged
pour into 4 volumes of 5% sodium bi carbonate 1 gram ofsodium bi carb to 20g's of d-h20
allow to settle then drain ether layer
pour equal amount of d-h20 let seperate then drain ether layer
evaporate ether and your left with hash oil in which all cbd's have turned into thc and thc to delta-9-thc
have fun and enjoy!
01-08-03 02:59
No 396313
      Forgetful me too much hash oil     

in the post about isomerization the addition of sulphuric acid 100% must bee added drop by drop  1 drop per gram of extract
(HyperLab Bee)
12-29-03 03:08
No 479556
      The military guys think different, however...     

With best regards,
Dennis Prochko aka Wolf
(Chief Bee)
12-29-03 05:31
No 479566
      Very interesting!     

Very interesting! What is the source for this, and which is reference #4 in the document?

The Hive - Clandestine Chemists Without Borders
(HyperLab Bee)
12-29-03 05:59
No 479570
      Here is the source
(Rated as: good read)

With best regards,
Dennis Prochko aka Wolf
12-29-03 07:42
No 479575
      THC-5and O-Acetyl-THC     

The link on Rh's very own page ../rhodium/pdf / (or the concise overview if you prefer) concerning total synthesis of THC covers all of the topics here regarding potency of analogues as well as methods. It excludes the isomerizations as no CBD is ever produced but it may discuss CBD activity. It states that 1,2-dimethylheptyl or 1,1-dimethylheptyl analogues (coined THC-5 in the overview) are about 500 times more potent than THC (which agrees with the above post). As well as other variants that extend the duration as much as 5x (THC-6). So IMHO the THC manipulation here would be the one to convert regular THC into the unbelievably potent analogue -> effective dose 1/500,000 gm. per kilogram! WOW! Thats an active dose of around 150mics if my converstion factor is correct. That potency reminds me of LSD. Exactly what the procedure entails is something I ask of you for my knowledge is inadequate.

As for substitution in the aromatic ring, electronegative groups such as carboxyl, carbomethoxyl and acetyl eliminate activity (page 68 of pdf). Now this is where it disagrees with the above post and I wonder if duration is a consideration. This would explain the creeper buzz as it becomes active once again as the groups are metabolized off. Not necessarily a bad thing and it does increase stability.

Propane was mentioned above as a suitable substitute for butane. I am aware that it is supercritical as well and it is this characteristic which accounts for butane's selectivity in its extraction, but do not know what else is involved here. Does the propane compare to butane for THC?


There is no try, only do
12-29-03 07:44
No 479576

Oh and apparently I am not keen on the lingo.

What does kif mean?
(Hive Addict)
12-29-03 09:04
No 479588
      If I remember correctly..
(Rated as: good read)

..'kif' is the product obtained by freezing off the cannabinoid-rich pollen of the flowers, you could say it is a form of hashish.

Apparantely there is a confusing nomenclature problem with the THC-V. According to the article you refer to "it states that 1,2-dimethylheptyl or 1,1-dimethylheptyl analogues (coined THC-V in the overview) are about 500 times more potent than THC".

But delta-9-THCV (no "-") is apparantely also known as tetrahydrocannabivarin, or the propyl homologue of THC (1 carbon shorter). This occurs, contrary to the dimethylheptyl homologue, in nature as a minor product next to the commonly found cannabinoids in some cannabis variant (especially the South-African ones IIRC).
Now I was under the impression that a shorter side-chain homologue also gave shorter lasting effects, as opposed to THC-V, so it is quite clear that this kind of nomenclature can be problematic.

interesting read:
delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin (delta-9-THCV) as a Marker for the Ingestion of Cannabis versus Marinol

Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Volume 23, Number 3, May/June 1999, pp.222-224.

The Other War (
12-29-03 21:16
No 479662
      nomenclature clarification     

Vitus_Verdegast: we are talking about two completely different molecules as you pointed out, yours is the propyl analogue and mine the dimethylheptyl analogue. The overview above the pdf at Rhodium's website designates the dimethylheptyl analogue as THC-V as in roman numeral for it is the fifth one they discuss. The THC analogue I refer to is the very same as the one that is deemed 512 times more potent than THC in the above posted reference. Rather redundant posting on my part I admit. I was simply stating that the info is on Rhodium's site already.

I have edited the above posts to say 5 and 6 instead.

Now for the kif. You say it is obtained by freezing off the pollen. So you just freeze it and it falls of? I am very interested in this procedure.

Oh, and how about the propane guys? It would help me a great deal if propane was a viable solvent.

there is no try, only do
(Hive Bee)
01-06-04 15:37
No 480739
      isomerization using hcl     

Does anybody know if the isomerization also proceeds by refluxing hash oil with conc. HCl?

01-06-04 16:04
No 480745
      Isomerization Procedure     

In Stark's Marijuana Chemistry it states:

The isomerization of CBD to THC is accomplished by refluxing with a small quantity of organic or inorganic acid. If alcohol is being used, add about 2 ml of 1 normal HCl for each 200 ml of solvent


Chemistry is our Covalent Bond
02-06-04 20:29
No 486931
      re: kif     

>..'kif' is the product obtained by freezing off the >cannabinoid-rich pollen of the flowers, you could say it >is a form of hashish.

Actually, this is a common misconception. Some people (especially in the middle east) refer to kif as pollen, but it is infact the mature trichomes which are knocked off of the plant and collected. The capitate-stalked trichomes ooze resin in later stages of flowering. They are pressed to make hash.