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06-03-02 07:12
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Looking at the chemical structure of Methoxamine is it concieveable then that the 2-amino-1-(2,5dimethoxyphenyl)-1-propanol could be reduced via HI to the amphetamine. or any of the various ephedrine pathways.
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06-03-02 07:16
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I believe this has been brought up before, and it was concluded that, at least with the HI reduction, the methoxy groups would be torn to pieces.
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06-03-02 07:29
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How about this?  Post 178931 (PolytheneSam: "PPA --> meth this easy?", Chemistry Discourse)
Patent US2243295
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06-05-02 01:11
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should reduce with cat h2 and a small amount of phosphoric acid to 2,5 dma. the phosphoric acid shouldn't cleave the meos.
it could be brominated then oxidised to dob (cath)inone. there might be a problem with the hydroxy group being chewed up. I would guess that dob-inone would be have a few unwanted cardiovascular effects though

or it could be turned into an aminorex derivative, possibly with a halo 4 substituent added in prior to ring closure.

I guess though that economics dictate it isn't going to be a good starting material.