guyincognito (Hive Bee)
06-03-02 21:04
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Swim would like to know if any bee knows what effect pressure (or lack of) will have on yield in the mda rxn:

methanol / ammonium acetate/ md-p / sod cyanoboro.

swim used to spin it in a glass container using magnetic stirbar with a balloon on the joint to create some pressure (no idea how much?).

Now swim has a new setup where it will be a bigass overhead stirrer going thru a glass vacuum attachment (its not airtight, but as close as swim can get the overhead stirrer to be) and stirring it all in a plastic bucket with sealing lid and a attachment for a baloon.  (swim made new setup for increase in size ability).

This new setup will not be as pressurized as the old glass method (but will stir 2000 times better) does anyone know if this will reduce yield because of the lack of pressure?

Swim doesn't think it will get up to 5 to 10 psi as he once read as reccomended?

Is the amount of ammonium acetate needed proportional to the amount of pressure created?  (more pressure = less amm acetate needed to make enough gas)

(Distinctive Doe)
06-03-02 23:29
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a modified pump up garden sprayer would easily hold 5-10 psi

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06-04-02 06:56
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the problem is keeping the pressure in - with the overhead stirrer - even though its got a special vacuum adapter - swim doesn't think it will hold too much pressure.

If anyone used a modified plant sprayer, what would you use to stir?  The problem swim believes is ammonia gas escaping which is part of the rxn created by the ammonium acetate.

Swim could rig up something to keep feeding nitrogen into tank, but that wouldn't stop underlying problem of escaping ammonia gas.

Swim is most concerned with whether or not having the rxn under that kind of pressure (5 to 10 psi) is important? What kind of yields do bees get without pressure?

Swim is hoping far superior spinning will outweigh the pressure lacking.
(Hive Bee)
06-04-02 11:03
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According to chemputer SWIM got 52.03 on three 6L flasks containing 200g MDP2P. And ending with 380g MDA hcl.

I think i like it!