java (Newbee)
06-03-02 23:09
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I  have  read the use of bismuth III oxide  perchlorate  re arrangement of epoxides  posted in Rhodium. ../rhodium/chemistry /bismuthepoxide.pdf
swim  would like to try the procedure starting with beta- methyl styrene oxide.  Has anyone had any experience with the procedure , and can one turn regular styrene into theie beta- methyl styrene oxide  in order to keep it OTC  in materials.  I haven't checked the criteria  if Bismuth III oxide  perchloride is watched or can be made. According to the litereature the yield is 70%  phenylacetone.

(Chief Bee)
06-04-02 20:02
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You cannot make beta-methylstyrene (propenylbenzene) from regular styrene. The Bi(III) salt is not watched, but it may be classified as toxic.

The propenylbenzene epoxide can be made by oxone oxidation (just like for isosafrole), and another interesting catalyst to be tried is Lithium Iodide in ethyl acetate.