hellman_temp (Stranger)
06-04-02 03:06
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Hello All,
It certainly has been a long time,
Well, since I have posted here anyway,

I am so impressed to see the continual evolution of this fine, fine place,.

Along time ago, I did mention a few things like the ability to do away with Vac. Distillation and use steam,.
Well steam won't work,(Normal steam that is)
But superheated steam will.!!!!

Essentially the hotter the steam is heated, the higher the content of product that comes over in ratio with water,.

Yes it is that simple,
I have empirical data and formula for all this, as well as a nice little apparatus that can accomplish all this,.
The secret is essentially keeping all apparatus close, or as close as possible to the temperature of the steam, and to striclty allow NO condensation of water to occur,.

Besides all this, and my HgI2 synth,
I should hope that you all can benefit from this,.

That is after all, what we are all about,.


Fondest regards to everyone that I have come into contact with here,.laugh