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      preparation of piperonal (MW irradiationon)  Bookmark   

The effect of microwave irradiation on organic chemical synthesis were
examined.While having studied in detail the preparation of piperonal
under microwave irradiationon an organic solid support, -such like
alumina, silica, clays, sodium-, potassium-,calcium carbonate,- in the
absence of any organic solvents (in dry media) , or inthe presence of
solvents, the synthesis carried out in dry media by using microwave
irradiation seemed to be more advantageous. Higher reaction rate and
better selectivity were observed, the downstream processing was found
to be easier and moreeffective (... A. Vass).
Conference lectures and posters
9. Vass, A., Organic chemical reactions carried out under microwave
irradiation indry media in the absent of solvents (in Hungarian).
Preprint of Days of TechnicalChemistry'95 Symposium, Veszprém, 1995. p. 8.