Cyrax (Hive Bee)
06-06-02 00:09
No 317965
      methoxyacetyl chloride  Bookmark   

Is it suspicious to buy methoxyacetyl chloride? Is it a watched chemical?

(Chief Bee)
06-06-02 00:36
No 317972
      I'd say that is obscure enough to be safe.  Bookmark   

I'd say that is obscure enough to be safe.
(Hive Prodigy)
06-06-02 02:49
No 318046
      Curious  Bookmark   

Methoxyacetyl chloride...

CH3-O-CH2-CO-Cl correct?

What use would this have clandestinely? Just curious.

(Hive Bee)
06-06-02 13:39
No 318206
      Well, you can use it instead of propionyl ...  Bookmark   

Well, you can use it instead of propionyl chloride or propionic anhydride to acylate 1-phenethyl-4-(N-phenylamino)-piperidine to get a nice fentanyl analog with an ED50 of 0.08 mg / kg.  Propionyl chloride is suspicious (right?), so I think this is a good alternative.

Or you can use 2-furoyl chloride to the amine.  That compound will certainly not be suspicious.  Then the ED50 is 0.02 mg / kg.
(Chief Bee)
06-06-02 13:44
No 318208
      Fentanalogs  Bookmark   

Cyrax: Very interesting! Refs?
06-06-02 13:45
No 318209
      ... and bypass some analogue laws !  Bookmark   

Very good idea!
Although somewhat weaker, you can get around U.K. generic definition (and maybe same in some other countries)wink
(Hive Bee)
06-06-02 18:17
No 318274
      Check it out: US patent 4584303.
(Rated as: excellent)

Check it out: US patent 4584303.  You will find a real treasure of fentanyl analogs.  It is one of the best fentanyl patents I have read. 

Too weak: I think it is strong enough to not kill yourself during the synthesis.  If you want a stronger compound: simply use o-fluoroaniline instead of aniline.  Then the ED50 will be 0.0077 mg / kg.  But I forsee that the yield of the acylation will be lower, since that lovely little fluorine atom will suck the free electron pair of the nitrogen into the aryl ring smile (resonance)