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      Contemporary smuggling tips and tricks.  Bookmark   

SWIM lives close to mexico where the lion's share of Cocaine comes into the U.S.
SWIM was talking to a member ( little fish) is the (Cartel DE' Jaurez), he was telling me an 80 kilo shipment he was expecting got intercepted at a checkpoint by highway patrol.
So that was much to his chagrin (awwhhh!!) boomotherfuckin' hoo, etc.
So SWIM suggested a fool proof solution for about 5-10 kilos at a time which would be inconspicuously transported right in plain view! and would be an everyday item you would find in a car leaving mexico, namely spare gas cans. (you don't want to get stranded in Matamorez!!
He wanted to know the low down out it, but seein as all he was is a greedy mexican SWII did'nt tell him the important aspects since he did'nt want to include SWIM in the profits resulting from this.
Jewexicans, that's what some people call them or Mexijew's, Most of them are decent folks though.
So, all prelude aside this is the basic idea:
I)a) you take 5 kilos of coke and pour into 5 gallon bucket.

b) add Ammonia (household is fine) until PH is Constant 8.5

C) Saturate with table salt to ensure that all the freebase precipitates as insoulble.

d) cool if nessecary (use common sense)

II)A) filter the Cocai'na Pasto (spanish for coca paste), Through a series of doubled up cheese cloths into another bucket. the filter should be placed in a wire mesh colander, if you like.
b) cool the filtered mother liquor again until complete precip. occurs.

dry pasto.
dissolve in regular gas and filter any carried over salts.
pour into gas can and seal withteflon tape on the threads, make sure no residue on external of vessel, etc.

Note: an improvement would be to decoulrize with activated C.
Before making the pasto.
This would minimize odors from the product, although gasoline will mask the odor very well!
(dogs are overated!)

Put it in your trunk (in plain view) and drive back with your pretty little wife for hire complete with surogate kids and comment on how much fun you had on Your vacation.
Don't be nervous!!! Take some valium before hand or something.
SWIM has been ther done that!
Wen't right past the dogs too!
Like it was said dogs are imperfect creatures.

Cocaine prices in Mexico:
Colubia: $1,500-2,500/kilo (Columbiams are barbaric)
Peru:$4,000/kilo (non-negotiable!)Don't go there! hate gringos.
Bolivia: shop around! (La Paz, Chuchabamba, San Ruiz) Some places are friendlier than other (stay out of La Paz!)
Brazil: SWIM brazilian friend used to work in a jungle extraction lab someone who I Don't know can ask.
Brazil is awesome! In the right locales, the women their can be so Goregeous, and affable, and nymphomaniancs, love it!
Other places, rampant poverty, violence, not so good!
Venezeula: Don't know, but before this folied coup de' tat,
Caracas was a cool city.
Ecuador: stay away!
Panama: used to be cool but times have changed! investigate first.

More ideas are avaiable if interest in this FANTSY exists.


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      Wacked out, unconventional smuggling methods.
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      Let's keep this thread restricted, No Jackboots!
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      For A-holes only!
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      and how do we know that you're not a cop?  Bookmark   

and how do we know that you're not a cop? oh that's right we don't....
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      Do not talk about smuggling tactics openly!  Bookmark   

Do not talk about smuggling tactics openly! The foolproof methods will only work when they aren't widely used.
As soon as the cops catch their third overly-nervous wanna-bee smuggler in the same week using this method you have to expect them to check your spare gas too the next time you come by!
Besides, this method isn't exactly new.

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