Sifty (Stranger)
06-10-02 20:48
No 319493
      Iodine through Essential Oil?  Bookmark   

I was perusing through an essential oil dealer and noticed that they have the essential oil for Seaweed (30%, from France, Lamanaria digitata). $37 for 15mL!

Now this is rather expensive I noticed, but would this contain large quantities of Iodine? Or just trace amounts that would a pain to extract anyway? It would have to contain extremely high amounts to be cost effective, so this probably isn't viable, but thought I would share it anyway.


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06-10-02 21:18
No 319503
      I doubt that oil would contain a worthwhile ...  Bookmark   

I doubt that oil would contain a worthwhile amount of iodine.
(Hive Bee)
06-11-02 01:28
No 319568
      A good source of Iodine?  Bookmark   

What is then,a good source of Idione(either product
or synthesis)?


Weedar contains 2,4-D dimethylamine salt,apparently
06-11-02 01:38
No 319572 difficult is it to get iodine?  Bookmark difficult is it to get iodine?  Lugol's is extremely common stuff.
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06-11-02 01:38
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Potassium or sodium iodide !

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06-11-02 01:45
No 319576
      Lugol's  Bookmark   

Lugol's is 10% potassium iodide, 5% iodine.
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06-11-02 01:54
No 319580
      Lugols  Bookmark   

I've searched high and low for a UK source of Lugols's solution with no success. Maybe it's only popular in the US.

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06-11-02 05:30
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      look  Bookmark   

photo darkroom supplier

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06-12-02 18:40
No 320287
      Aquariums  Bookmark   

Iodine is used in reef tanks. You should be able to find some KI solutions in a store that specializes in reef tanks.