jax (Stranger)
06-11-02 07:01
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ok went to a yard sale and ibought this old thing i thought was vac pump its old but it still pulls down to 15 to 20 suction ins hg. at least that is what the gauge says.the lable on the side says it is a rotary compresser .can any one tell me if this is a vac pump.if not what the hell is a rotary compresser and what it is used for.thank you very much.

06-11-02 07:08
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Sounds like an old refrigerator compressor.  Those are commonly used for vacuum pumps (at least around here).  They aren't as good as a real high quality vacuum pump though.
(Line Monitor)
06-11-02 15:22
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Does it have a glass bowl type h20 seperator on the input or output nipple?

Give me libreum or give me Meth
06-12-02 00:09
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it has cotton filters on both sides i thought thay might asorb ant luqiud that might slip by but i am not really sure. it is called a ( sklar rotary compresser)