TheTripDoctor (Stranger)
06-11-02 07:17
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SWIM is dreaming about certain pills which shall remain nameless, however these pills contain 15mg and 30mg of morphine sulphate pentahydrate each, respectively.

Pill one contains a cellulose material called "Croscarmellose sodium", which appears to soak up water and in turn the morphine it would contain should swim use water. It also contains the normal things like talc, lactose, mag stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and such.

Pill 2 contains cetostearyl alcohol, hydroxyethyl cellolose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, mag stearate, lactose, talc.

SWIM plans on purifying as much as possible, however the ingredients seem to be custom pharm binders intended to make this very hard, cetostearyl for one, i believe, forms an emulsion. The cellulose compounds (all) seem to soak up water and the morphine it would then contain.

For those reasons, swim has chosen to use another method which is anhydrous, however this then presents the problem of morphine still being soluble in SWIMS solvent choice. Note that multiple steps would be fine here, IE disolve morphine+2 binders in one solvent, leaving 3 others out, then evap that solvent and disolve in one which removes the last 2 as precipitates and leaves morphine soluble, or one which disolves the binders and leaves morphine insoluble.

Having said the previous statement, would using something like ether, butane (clean) or DCM be viable to disolve these nasties and leave morphines salt insoluble?

The sulphate pentahydrate form seems to be soluble sparingly in methanol, however that is the salt and not the freebase. SWIM cant find shit for references for morphine freebase in any literature anywhere. I assume it is not an oil but rather a solid at room temp, and that heating to the BP would cause decomposition at 1ATM. Would the freebase be distillable from a solution if it were reduced pressure? all the binders seem to have BP in the range of 500-600c so they would seem to stay in the boiling flask. Will distilling at reduced pressure be a viable option here? will SWIM end up with a condenser full of crystals that will have to be repeatedly washed out with Et2O?

If anyone has a comprehensive solubility chart of the various forms of morphine (IE sulph pentahydrate, HCl, freebase etc.) it would be greatly appreciated.
06-12-02 20:01
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You should be able to do an A/B on it.  Morphine free base is only soluble about 1 part in 5000 of cold water.  Try an A/B in cold water and filter.  Goodies will be on the filter.