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06-11-02 20:08
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      Wishful Thinking....(tastey solvents)  Bookmark   

swim read the thread talking about how gbl can bee used to level epoxy blah blah blah...
Imagine that he had a friend with a legitimate flooring buisness who once bought 1,4 bdo -rather recently- and his friend had to sighn an end user agreement.  On this paper, which the owner of the buisness had to fill out with tax id# and his buisness info etc... His buddy noticed that this peice of paper was made specifically for BOTH 1,4 bdo purchases as well as gbl purchases.  The buisness owner went ahead, filled out the paperwork and handed it in in person when he went to the chem supply to pick up his bdo.  For shits and giggle's, he bs'ed with the secratary handling the order and noticed that the end user agreement just got stored in the chemstore.  Evidentally these peices of paper are kept by the companies themselves, they just get filed and not sent anywhere.  Swims buddy assumes that POSSIBLY a govt. agent comes around once or twice a year and asks to take a look, but nothing gets officially submitted.  At least this is how my buddy understood the process from talking to the secratary.  A different buddy has since decided to open his own flooring buisness - to try and outdo my other buddy- this buisness will (possibly) use better equiptment etc...
Any words from the peanut gallery?  Bad idea?  Swims buddy had the feeling that procedures within a company like that would bee the same for both solvents seeing as how that end user agreement thingy was handled.  Its been over 7 months since the 1,4 bdo and buddy #1 has heard nothing from no-one and has properly handled everything just in case he did.
Thoughts?  Comments?
Would a different buisness bee more appropriate?

swim would love to once again drink old man piss and do the sacred dance of the chicken.
cluck. cluck. cluck.

ps- if youve got good juicy information ya dont want to share with everyone and their mother regarding said topic(including mine NEVERCRASH), please give ol' god-a-ring-a-ding-ding a pm  tanks!

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06-11-02 23:58
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      You're so clever. Maybe you should find out what ...  Bookmark   

You're so clever.
Maybe you should find out what the real world uses of BDO are instead.

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06-12-02 05:04
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      uses for bdo...  Bookmark   

for putting in swims belly?

thanks for the sarcastic compliment.  At this point, swim doesnt really care what the uses of bdo are...
he assumes its the same as gbl...
He will look into it regardless (beecause your a mod - and that is what you are suggesting), but at this point, swim assumes the point to bee moot as he has unlimited access to bdo and deems it to bee toxic and not worth his while

when someone asks what the sound of one hand clapping sounds like, you should smack them in the ear.
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06-12-02 10:21
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      Construction businesses having a need for BDO and ...  Bookmark   

Construction businesses having a need for BDO and the like is very unusual, and it's even more unusual when such companies buy stuff from regular chem suppliers. That certainly raises a few eyebrows (unless the DEA types are complete dumbasses).
For successful non-suspicious acquisition you have to know exactly what the stuff is usually used for. Once you know that you can order the stuff by the barrel, in excellent purity for real cheap with little chance of detection.

I'm not fat just horizontally disproportionate.
10-18-02 19:44
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      What are the legitimate uses of BDO?  Bookmark   

Can anyone tell me the "legitimate" uses of BDO or direct me to some sources to find out. Thanks.
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10-18-02 19:49
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      1,4 butanediol...hmm,i really don't know if it ...  Bookmark   

1,4 butanediol...hmm,i really don't know if it has any legitimate uses.It legal over here but may not be elsewhere

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10-18-02 20:14
No 369991
      *USES: Solvents, humectant, intermediate for ...  Bookmark   

  Solvents, humectant, intermediate for plasticizers, pharmaceuticals, cross-
  linking agent in polyurethane elastomers, manufacture of tetrahydrofuran,
  and terephthalate plastics.
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10-19-02 00:16
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      not sure about BDO but GBL  Bookmark   

Is used as a cyanoacrylate debonder where I live. 1L for $100. Seen it available in indiana too
10-20-02 08:08
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      GBL is illegal in California  Bookmark   

But swim can get BDO there from a national chem supplier but he must supply a copy of his business licsence and what he will be using it for. Swim doesnt think it would be wise to list "Drinking it" so he is trying to find an actual use he can list. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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10-20-02 10:11
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      ummm.... look up, three boxes... hey- yeah you!  Bookmark   


look up, three boxes...

yeah you, -shitmaster....!  I got a secret....

look up!
10-31-02 20:42
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      HEY YOU!!  Bookmark   

YEAH YOU, god,

Thanks for the info, sorry I missed it at you first posting.

-Tarmaster (aka Shitmaster)laugh