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This looks interesting smile

Patent US3379768

Abstract :

Hydratropic aldehyde is prepared by ozonizing the linear dimer of styrene and decomposing with a palladium catalyst in an aqueous medium containing suitable organic solvents. The hydratropic aldehyde is separated from benzaldehyde, which is also produced by the present process, in a pure state suitable for use in perfumes.

And what can hydratropic aldehyde be easily converted to ???? yes P2P wink

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06-12-02 17:15
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Most organic ozonides are explosive, as for the ozonide formed here I just can't say either way.

I can only assume that the palladium used decomposes the ozonide in a controlled tame fashion.

Ozone can be easy generated by exposing oxygen to ultra violet light, see here for more info :

If this ozonide stage could be replaced by another method, we would have ourselves a great bulk method for the production of P2P using easily available chemicals.

Can anybody describe how a "Flash Distillation" is performed ?

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06-12-02 18:35
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"A Novel Synthetic Method of Hydratropic Aldehyde", maybe someone has access to this doc or a translation ?

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> www.ozonegeneratorairpurifierwastewatertreatmentpurification.com/

Who comes up with such domain names?!?

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The shorter ones were already taken wink

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06-14-02 16:38
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Ozone is bubbled though a solution of the alkene in carbon tetrachloride.

Oxidation of alkenes through ozonides.

Ozonolysis of an olefin :


Comment :

So it seems that palladium can be replaced with sulphuric acid (according to patent), or the reduction/degradation can be performed with Zinc powder.

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