guyincognito (Hive Bee)
06-14-02 05:18
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Swim used to make md-p2p via acetone/performic/iso and when it came to the sulfuric hydrolysis stage it was done in a water bath which made the mixture boil  (sulfuric/etc).

Swim wonders why now in the modified performic the hydrolysis is done at 80 C?

Why not just slightly reflux it for 3 hours? 
will the extra heat wreck something? 
(Can't SWIM)
06-14-02 05:42
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Isn't the water bath really achieving an 80C temp in
epoxide/glycol mixture?
   Swim can't use water and stirring, so CAREFULLY
adjusted rheostat with undersized heating mantle to get
mixture to 82C.
  Seemed to work.
Anyway, your geting 80C weather from bath or other heat source.

CG I miss you sweety, I really do.
(Chef d'Equippe)
06-14-02 06:36
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Baal has been running the hydro. step at 80c since '97, never knew there was any other way. 3 hours is way too long to run that step though, 2 hours produces much better yields.

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