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06-16-02 01:52
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Swim has been racking the ol' noodle about trying to come up with a way to recieve goods that might bee watched/scheduled for US bees, but not Canadian Bee's.  At first he thought he might bee able to just whip up a Canadian novelty ID an pose as a citizen and just tool around in person making orders etc.  He could then repackage and send his goods across the border to a mail drop obtained with a novelty ID.  As it turns out, novelty Canadian Dl's are a freakin bitch to make properly as there is an expensive printer that is needed plus the fact that the way they put their pictures on the cards is evidently difficult to duplicate.
  Swims latest and greatest idear:  aquire a Canadian maildrop/remailer.  In this fashion, one can make orders to canadian companies and send in money orders as payment (this would work extra nice for bees who happen to live near the US/Canadian border, they could just get a maildrop across the border and buy their money orders from canadian stores/banks).
  In this way, US bee's would bee able to make sass orders to Canadian adresses possibly circumventing those pesky dea forms some of them dealers may bee looking for.  Anonymity would bee maintained as well (provided the drop or remailer was obtained with novelty ID).

What do ya think?  PLEASE attempt to shoot this idea down, it will help figure out better plans!

-Oh yeah, since it would bee mail-order- if they wanted a 'copy' of a liscence, that would bee quite easy to 'produce' as a printout could easily bee made via photoshop...

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06-16-02 04:22
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I think it would just be easier to drum up some fake US IDs - drivers licence and SS card and birth cert and go up to some economically depressed used-to-be-a-factory-town and rent out a cheap warehouse there with your fake US ids. So what the fuck - your a US citizen whos living in Canada for the time being and your renting a ware house out for whatever.

Stay in town for however long you need. You have a mail address that is non-residential so you can recieve any kind of order from couriers. Put up a fake business sign, setup a fake office and run your "storage facility" for your "company" which is located somwhere else and recieve orders all the live long day. Park your car somwhere not in the area, have a way to slip out the back need bee. Recieve your goods and just take off when you're done.

The US-Canadian boarder is a fuckin joke. Thoes fearing the customs check points on the highways should take a trip up to northern maine somtime. The whole maine-canadian boarder is riddeled with logging roads that cross over. Most of the towns on the Maine-Canadian boarder have back country roads that cross over. Enjoy.blush

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06-16-02 05:06
No 321941
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god - your first idea you mention making fake cdn ids...i guarantee you there's no use in doing so all u gotta do is like u said get a p.o. box or maildrop or whatever and order the sass to that location then come pick it up easy as 1-2-3

alchemybee - ive alredy tried to rent warhouses on many occasions and without references or papers for your business no ones gunna go for it i even offered one guy double what he wanted for rent up front and he declined...the reason being there are thousands of grow-ops in each province its relly gotten outta hand and every renters will be concerned about who there renting too

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06-17-02 16:02
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I am sure you could buy Canadian Novelty IDs. Just scour the internet and check out stuff. I remember seeing one site that was highly reccomended by many sites and I believe they made Ca IDs. I'll look around and see if I can find it or anything similiar, no guarantees though.


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06-17-02 19:07
No 322455
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Use the Internet to get your sassy,grab some insence to from them oriental shops say you got a tattoo shop and people are asking for it.Also ask what other oils they have.

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