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06-16-02 18:21
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This link was found on the net. It seems useful because of the pictures. But the page owner doesn't seem to like Rhodium.

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06-16-02 19:01
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"It lasted for a million years and for a split-second. But it's over and now it's your turn." - Timothy Leary

Great quote!

Does he have anything against me? Quite the opposite is my impression from reading the acknowledgements in the end of the text. He spelled my name wrong though, but it doesn't matter, as he hasn't updated the links to the new server anyway....
06-27-02 08:07
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A foaf had waited quite some time for a TEK like the above to be published. It is a great starting point. With some minor tweaking and a few twists this TEK can be reduced to 8 - 10 hours from start to finish with no loss in quality or effecientcy.

This product has had no washing or recrystallization, light tan to off-white.

Alkaloid from Mimosa

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06-27-02 09:39
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pkeffect wrote:

With some minor tweaking and a few twists this TEK can be reduced to 8 - 10 hours from start to finish with no loss in quality or effecientcy.



Weedar contains 2,4-D dimethylamine salt,apparently
06-27-02 16:26
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Here is the link to the old TEK:

I was able to travel out onto the ocean into international waters where I worked on improving on this.

I am no chemist by any means. I will be writing a newer tek shortly. Here's another pic...sorry about the lighting wink

Acacias I have been reading about in my research contain a wide variety of things. Shulgin said something about 2 acacias in Texas containing alkaloids which were only thought to be made by man in the lab. One was amphetamine, I forget the other one off hand. Most contain tryptamine related alkaloids while others contain trpytamines and beta-carbolines. A very interesting species indeed. With more than 2,500 known species of acacia and more and more species of plants and fungi being found every year with tryptamines in them. The question shouldn't be, "Where is DMT found?", but rather "Where isn't it found?". I also heard reports of some species of acacias containing cyanide. I have yet to find a refrense for this but then again who knows.

As far as I know the best source for dimethyltryptamine is from the rootbark of the mimosa hostilis.

Another tip would be not to shake. Slow stirring will cause the emulsion layers to form in seconds rather than hours or days.

Use distillation and a vacum if possible. Im sure this only helps more. When raising the pH, the solution will turn from red to grey. Grey is bad, keep adding solution till it goes black. The faster the better I've heard.

More later...

Hope that helps...

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06-28-02 04:00
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Swim has used this "TEK" repeatedly with great sucess.  Just make sure that you dont use any metal (cept surgical steel) when dealing with acidified water.  It will react with aluminum (me thinks) and possibly give your brain some problems (heavy metal poisoning is not on my list of fun things to experiance).
Hydro- Mimosa Hostilis works BEAUTIFULLY for this process, pm me if you need a good source.
MaDMAx, doesnt DCM suck up some water? doesnt that mean that it'll carry over a larger amount of acidified extract with it thus reducing yeilds?  Swim always uses water washed or two washes for defatting and he backwashes once or twice with (very) mildly basic dh2o and sometimes a little salt if he's got that not-so-fresh feeling.
DMT is BY FAR swims drug of choice.  Although he does others habitually, DMT is the one thing he never wants to let go of.  FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Swims getting ready to try ayahuasca for the first time at a festival where theres gonna bee some shaman giving a lecture on the stuff at the end of next month....he's a little nervous as he had quite the mean nasty hellish ride when he mixed 4 grams ground rue with a little over 5 grams freshly dried cubensis.  Cops/hospital/strapped bed/thorzine time. yuk!  Swims had 'the fear' ever since, but has slowly been building his confidence/strength back.
Well, once again Ive wandered off topic...

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06-28-02 06:00
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Washing the solvent is a great idea. Take a boiling pan of distilled water and keep adding salt to it till no more will dilute. When this cools down, mix 2 parts saltwater, with one parth solvent and shake the shit out of it for a minute or 2. Let the emulsion form and pull off the solvent. Add epson salt to solvent and let sit for a few. Poor off the solvent and there you have it, some dry solevnt.

With mimosa it is unlikely one would have to defatt more than one time. Like God said filtreing is the key. You can't filter enough. If you have filtered enough it should look like pure distilled water with a few drops of food coloring in it.

Huge crystals.....mmmm

Each plant source of tryptamines has unique quality in the form of their smoked extarctions. Truly amazing.

Mushrooms were forming high classes of neurotransmitters millions of years before us.....?!?  shocked

BTW, has anyone seen the Tool Parabol video? The last 1 minute is some cgi animated Alex Grey artwork that very much resembles hyperspace of nndmt in the beginning with what I see as the 5meodmt resolution. Very captivating.

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06-28-02 10:17
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No, I dont think you understood the question right...or I didnt ask the question right...(can you tell Ive been to counseling?) -
Swim forgets the word for it, but wont washing the acidified extract with DCM - pre-dried or not (actually if it where pre-dried it'd bee even worse), wont the DCM automatically absorb a certain amount of h2o and carry that h2o away with it in the np layer?  What I am talking about is not just from the mechanic's of mixing the two, but a property of DCM as a solvent specifically....?.Wont washing with DCM thus carry away water from the extract thus carrying away the acidified good stuff reducing yeilds?

swim will utfse to try and find where he read about that sos that maybee he can ask some intelligent questions

when someone asks what the sound of one hand clapping sounds like, you should smack them in the ear.
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07-17-02 03:19
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I think the word god is trying to locate is "azeotrope"..  my understanding of this subject is limited, but i know rhodium has a listing of water azeotropes..
07-17-02 16:34
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Someone wrote on the previous page about a cyanide containing Acacia,that would be longifolia.It's only contained in the leaves though(the cyanide)so the bark should be fine for DMT.Some other species are A Floribunda,A Sophorae,A Phlebophylla(very rare) and A Maidenii.Theres a few more but there quite hard to find i think,i'll have a look for some references though.
Oh yeah the Field guide i got these species from is a respected university publication,the funny thing is all the proven DMT cotaining plants are all in a row(out of 220 species listed)Methinks the authors enjoyed the odd hyperspace triplaughTheres no mention of DMT in the book just the plants listed one after another!