Bubbleplate (Stranger)
06-18-02 04:46
No 322614
      Import Paperwork for Snow Cone Mix  Bookmark   

SWIM dreamt that his grandmothers Uncle wanted to import drums of tastey fruit oils so he could make snow cones to sell on the beach this Hot Summer. So Uncle contacts ThirdWorld Fruity Oil Company and orders say, Cat Balls Oil and Lemon Monkey Ear Oil and a bunch of Not Root Beer Oil. But Uncle being a cheap bastard all his life, does not want to pay to ship 3 separate drums. So he tells ThirdWorld Fruity Oil Company instead to mix all 3 oils together and just put it in one crock. (Uncle will unmix them later.) But Uncle has never done this before, so he has some questions:
1) Can TWF Oil Company just write down "Snow Cone Oil" on Import Paperwork, or do they have to list each oil separately?
2) How does big barrel of Snow Cone Oil get to Uncles Beach House? Does he have to get greedy Import Shipping Company to handle paperwork and delivery, or can Uncle go down and pick it up himself off plane or boat?
3) Should Uncle ask TWF Oil Company to put in smaller squeeze bottles so they can ship it by Air Freight and have man in brown overalls deliver it?
4) Who looks at all this paperwork? Uncle sure doesn't want the Competition to see his secret Snow Cone Formula!
Please if anyone knows answers reply, as the weatherman says it will be very hot this Summer, and Uncle is raring to make Snow Cones!
(Hive Bee)
06-18-02 04:52
No 322616
      dont be cheap  Bookmark   

just pay the shipping, if its that much oil im sure itll be worth the extra few hundred bucks in the long run plus it looks more proffessional

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06-18-02 11:42
No 322676
      Mixing oils is not advisable unless you know for ...  Bookmark   

Mixing oils is not advisable unless you know for sure that a certain oil boils completely below the other one.

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(Hive Bee)
06-19-02 06:38
No 322948
      Or what temp they freeze at. ;-)  Bookmark   

Or what temp they freeze at.wink

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06-19-02 10:48
No 323010
      > Or what temp they freeze at. Nope.  Bookmark   

> Or what temp they freeze at.

Look at all the problems people have freezing 90+% pure sassafras. Dou you really believe you will be able to separate a 50:50 mix efficiently? Or a 30:70 mix? I don't think so.

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06-19-02 13:59
No 323035
      I Think There Wont Be A Problem  Bookmark   

If Uncle choose the right oil to mix. Hell, my custom Snow Cone mix might even be something like Orange & Root Beer.
Oil of Orange is mostly Limonene, which if I recall, boils about 172 degrees. Just fractionally distill or go the Mercuric or Bisulphite route, I don't really care as long as I can get the stuff here!
No one's answered my questions about what they have to put on the paperwork, i.e. list each ingredient separately or just "Special Snow Cone Favoring", or...
Guess I'll just have to enquire of manufacturer.
(Stoni's sexual toy)
06-19-02 15:37
No 323057
      What they 'have to put on the label' and what ...  Bookmark   

What they 'have to put on the label' and what they 'end up putting on the label' are often completely different animals.

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