Jan1983 (Hive Bee)
06-18-02 09:57
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As far as i remember swim's friend got cheaper safrole,

Swim wanted to order a half liter of safrole they sayed the pricing is 150US$ is that expensive or is it ok ??
06-18-02 10:27
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      kinda expensive but if its a safe source go ahead ...  Bookmark   

kinda expensive but if its a safe source go ahead and buy it. You are makin sooooo much profit in the long run... i get my sassafras for $50 a liter
06-18-02 16:08
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150 a half liter is expensive but like aznxprophetxtasy said, if it's safe then go for it. Swim has found it for 60 of 500ml which is expensive too. You always have to think of safety. If you can go and just throw some cash down and walk out then thats great.

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(Hive Bee)
06-18-02 18:26
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Are you talking about pure safrole or sassafras oil? If what you got is sassafras oil, then it is overpriced. But if you have pure safrole (which I doubt), then maybe it is a good idea to buy it, because it saves you some time, since you don't have to distill it.

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06-19-02 04:31
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06-19-02 19:59
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Some companies buy it 5$/kg
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06-20-02 02:26
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For a dot.com I was just looking for a direction to look in...

I fully agree with <NO SOURCES>

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