06-18-02 19:08
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      Benzaldehydes from diazonium salt, OTC!
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Look at this!

it's from

If one use 4-methyl-2,5-dimethoxyanilin (wich easy to produce by reduction of 4-nitro-2,5-benzaldehyde, wich produced by nitration of 2,5-DMBA) instead of 4-methyl-2-bromoanilin, finaly we produce 4-methyl-2,5-DMBA a direct precursor for DOM laugh
SWIT also thinks it's easy way to some other pretty X-methyl-phenethylamines.

Matrix... may tricks?
06-21-02 00:25
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      methoxy compounds  Bookmark   

Questions to experienced bees:
Is this reaction useful to methoxy (or methylenedioxy) aninlines?

if so:  cool
if not: crazy
06-21-02 15:28
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Sorry, blushi was thinking using this reaction after a Schmidt rearrangement (Vogel p898-9), that would bee an interesting route to piperonal from piperonylic acid (obtained from piperine), but i don't think the methylenedioxy ring will survive the Schmidt reaction (10% oleum/sulfuric acid medium)... anyway it could bee aplied to other benzoic acids.