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06-18-02 13:43
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As many of you bees might of gathered swim is kinda obsessed with phenylacetic and P2P routes.
Well my new couse of study is the conversion of styrene (easy to get) to phenylacetaldehyde via the intermediate styrene oxide.

On investigating the conversion of styrene to styrene oxide I have come up against epoxidation for the first time.

So diving into my text books I found, that peroxybenzoic acid is used for the conversion of styrene to styrene oxide. After seeing the word "Epoxide" I went straight over to Rhodiums site and I was bombarded with epoxations being used with safrol.

As a newbee to expoxation can anybees tell me what other reagents could possibly be used for making styrene oxide, as I am finding all this information a bit overwhelming ?

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06-18-02 13:48
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Most useful kinds of laboratory-scale epoxidations can be found on my page in one form or another.

Search http://www.scirus.com for "styrene oxide synthesis" - you'll find every possible method there.
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06-18-02 13:51
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So if they work with safrol, can I safely say that they will work with styrene ?

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06-18-02 13:55
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      Yes.  Bookmark   

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06-18-02 14:01
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And thanks for that link as well smile

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06-18-02 16:53
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      Don't forget Post 290189 Post 299539  Bookmark   

Don't forget  Post 290189 (PolytheneSam: "polystyrene", Chemistry Discourse) Post 299539 (PolytheneSam: "phenylacetaldehyde oxidation", Chemistry Discourse)

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06-18-02 17:44
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Hi,I dont know if this helps at all.
I came across it yesterday.Biodegredation pathways.
Styrene oxide -->phenylacetaldehyde via enzymehttp://umbbd.ahc.umn.edu:8015/umbbd/servlet/pageservlet?ptype=p&pathway_abbr=sty

oops,sorry, cant get the link to work.Interestng site though
http://umbbd.ahc.umn.edu/front page
06-18-02 17:51
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      dimethylstyrene & ozone  Bookmark   

Read some stuff on "ozoneing" Methyl styrenes,.

Upon ozoning say dimethylstyrene, your two products are funny enough Acetone, and benzaldehyde,

Sounds interesting, Doesn't itshocked
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06-19-02 01:59
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      Alcohol Wacker with Pd(NO3)2 if I remember ...  Bookmark   

Alcohol Wacker with Pd(NO3)2 if I remember correctly will produce the phenylacetaldehyde.

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07-14-02 17:01
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Check out Org. Synth. for the synthesis of styrene oxide:

There is described a more ingenious way to make this phenyloxirane in Vogel's Textbook of practical organic chemistry 5th ed., p 1132: they react benzaldehyde with trimethylsulphonium iodide under PTC