hypo (Hive Addict)
06-21-02 15:53
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      methylation with a kaolin catalyst?  Bookmark   

hi experts,

in Nihon Kayaku Kaishu,12,2331-4(1985) they dimethylate hydroquinone with
MeOH and a "kaolin catalyst" (this ref is unfortunately in japanese and i
can't get it). is that possible at all? does anybody know what kind of catalyst
this could be? searching for kaolin catalyst, i found different preparations
and all of them sounded rather tedious (like cooking AlCl3 for 48h in alk. solution,
adding kaolin, cooking more, baking some hours at 700C). kaolin is a widely
available clay (Al-silicate).

is this worth pursuing (i'm thinking different substrates) or bunk??

(Hive Bee)
06-22-02 10:45
No 323978
      Catalyst preparation  Bookmark   

Most catalyst preparations are tedious.  Without access to the article in question, it is difficult to give an informed opinion.  Kaolin can be either the substrate or activated to be the catalyst itself.  This sounds like the later variety.