chochmoondoggy (Stranger)
06-26-02 21:11
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i recently dreamed of a large amount of those blood collection tubes, and was wondering: 1) how can you get that separator gakk out?
2) is it even possible?
3) should i bother with it?
i've dreamed up several acid washes, base washes and even good ol' soap and water. a little better each time, but too time consuming and doesn't completely take care of the job. i dreamed of using them for nano's. busy bees are helping bees and helping bees are needed badly.

i don't thunk we're n kansass NEmore
(Hive Bee)
06-26-02 22:43
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You mean test tubes right?Well,they are perfect for nano.You probably need a little brush or something.Soap is good idea,so are acid and base washes.Sometimes some solvents are really helpful when it comes to cleaning glassware.Like acetone and xylene and others.Good luck

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
06-27-02 05:30
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swim thinks he got it cleaned up, but just to be sure he's going to do a hot tone soak, cause the glass looks clean, but he don't  if that plasma separator gakk left any residue. if anyone can find a quicker way then hand scrubbing, please be a telling bee.

i don't thunk we're n kansass NEmore
(Hive Bee)
06-28-02 03:11
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The best in my opinion is a high powered ultrasonic cleaner.
One of those soap packets that you mix with sulphuric acid followed with a base and limonene wash and 2x mutiple solvent mix(Tolulol,dcm,meoh,acetone,) works good for like frac.still pieces, flasks, traps, etc. (all this of course with an initial acetone then water water wash with rinses in between each phase and a water then acetone final to dry). If you buy plans for a ultrasonic generator and buy or build a power supply you can just mount it to one of those stainless buffet tubs with a lid. You can build one that is 12"Wx36"Lx12"d for the same price as a lil $300 jewelry cleaner. And if that doesn't get it clean or keep a forensic lab from piling evidence on you then nothing will.