GOD (Hive Bee)
06-27-02 02:53
No 325830
      cold distilled?  Bookmark   

Swim read a pamphlet from an imaginary supplier who said that his sass was 'cold distilled'. wtf?  Swim is confused, isnt that kind of a contradiction in terms?  If this process does exist, is it apt to efficiently pull over alot of safrole compared to steam distillation or chemical extraction?

when someone asks what the sound of one hand clapping sounds like, you should smack them in the ear.
(Title on BackOrder)
06-27-02 04:10
No 325869
      greedy bastard  Bookmark   

Probably means the greedy fucker is freezing the safrole out of it and selling you his leftover crap non-safrole containing sassafras oil.