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Z Naturforsch, 2001, 56c: 211-215 (2001)
"Chemical Intra-Mediterranean Variation and Insecticidal
Activity of Crithmum maritimum"
Maria Tsoukatou, Christina Tsitsimpikou,
Constantinos Vagias, Vassilios Roussis

Crithmum maritimum ,Terpenes,Dillapiole,Ant Repellency

The chemical composition of the volatile metabolites of Crithmum
maritimum harvested from several geographic localities along the
Mediterranean coasts was studied by GC and GC-MSD.The major oil
constituents were found to be dillapiole
, gamma-terpinene, sabinene,
limonene and beta-phellandrene.The Western populations were richer
in dillapiole,whereas the Southern collections were characterized by
increased amounts of thymol methyl ether and gamma-terpinene. The
Italian chemical profiles differentiated by the significant contributions of
carvacrol methyl ether and isoterpinolene.The essential oils were also
investigated for their insecticidal activity and their repellency against
Pheidole pallidula (Nylander)ants and found to possess significant
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      Hmmmm... a pitty the abstract doesn't mention a ...  Bookmark   

Hmmmm... a pitty the abstract doesn't mention a dillapiole percentage. This is another article:
It even doesn't mention dillapiole, so it could be it is present in only very low concentrations (or the Croatians don't know how to work with their GC/MS wink ).
This might be interesting as well:
SWIM thinks to have acces to that magazine. SWIM might check out the whole article wink

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