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06-28-02 23:46
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hello everybody.. my very first post so I thought I'ld start with some elementary question.. I want to disolve a chemical in glycerol but it need some heat to become an homogen solution. the chemical melting point is 83C-86C do I put the oven on 50C and put a glas with glycerol and the chemical in the oven.. now my question.. is there any posebility that the chemical got hotter than 83C and got destroied?

hello everybody..
06-29-02 00:55
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You should get a hotplate, they are pretty cheap. You also need to tell us somemore info about your chems and exactly what you are doing so we can help ya.

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06-29-02 00:59
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There is a possibility that you might experience degradation of said chemical, but we really need more info then that to help!  BTW, that glass had better bee visionware or it could break and then that is a horse of a different color! Hack, hack, I'm choking on the smoke. Oh no H2S!tongueKM

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06-29-02 14:42
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the glas is okay.. had it in the oven at 200C for 30min without problem.. the chem I try to dissolve in the glycerol is anastrozole (arimidex).. I want 100mg compleatly dissolved in 25ml..

hello everybody..