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Process for the production of alkaloid derivatives of lyserqic acid

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Patent GB883329

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GB19600023303 19600704

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ITX883329 19590707

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Lysergic acid amide and isolysergic acid amide are prepared by fermenting under aerobic conditions an aqueous nutrient medium containing a source of carbon, nitrogen and mineral salt with a new strain of Claviceps paspali Stevens and Hall. The process is preferably conducted between 22 DEG C. and 30 DEG C. and at a pH between 4.2 and 6, the alkaloid derivatives being isolated by filtration, rendering the filtrate alkaline, extracting with a water-immiscible organic solvent or by absorbtion on a solid absorbant material. Subsequent hydrolysis with alkali yields lysergic acid or isolysergic acid. The new virulented strain of Claviceps paspali is obtained by inoculating embryos of Rosen 4n rye, cultivating in vitro and isolating the sub-species from sclerotia on the embryos. Detailed examples illustrate the preparation of the alkaloids and their hydrolysis to lysergic and isolysergic acid.

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Anybody know how to view the rest of the patent?
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just follow the 'requested patent' link tongue
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Sorry for my ignorance this is my first patent look up figured there only be one number for the whole thing! Thanks Lil.