AndyAmine (Stranger)
07-01-02 07:32
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Andy was drinking hard one night and fell asleep with a thud.
In the dream from that night, he and his friend were walking along in a nice sunny park when 3 pink elephants started to play jump rope, Andy and his friend watched these elephants for quite a while until all of a sudden his attention was drawn by this mysterious silver packet with red writing and a gold sticker on it that appeird in his hand, in this packet was a lovely sweet smelling light beige/brown powder, the next thing he knew he was awake,
When Andy woke up, he had a REALLY big hang over and felt like shit, so, he went to the bathroom turned on the water, when he looked in the mirror he had a strange golden sticker on his forehead with some Chinese Characters on it.
Andy did some UTFSEing and found a few pages that had some similar characters on it stating that it was something called Ma-Huang but nothing concrete.
So, Andy has decided to post this magic golden sticker here at the hive in the hope that some helpful Chinese speaking/reading Beesoul would translate it for me.
Ive tried to use the img: function but am not sure if its working due the my browser not accepting Java. but Andy will give it a go anyway.


(Hive Bee)
07-02-02 01:20
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  It's ma huang (huang = yellow, the last character)

here's your link

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
07-02-02 08:50
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Thanks Clearlight, that's very helpful, very helpful indeed!
The only real reason he had/has doubt was because Andy's dream was SO vivid that he said he was almost able to taste it, he said it was very powdery/bland yet sweet in a subtle way and not really that bitter at all.
As far as Andy can guess it should have tasted a lot like mild GUP (ground up pills) no? or at least close?
If anybody knows someone that has tasted %8 Ma-Huang Extract before and that could verify this it would be greatly appreciated.
Guess he's just stressing over nothing but Andy must say, it would be hella-helpful if he could read Chinese because from his memory there was a lot more writing on the packet. :)
Anyway, once again, thanks a million, you have settled Andy's mind.....
(Hive Bee)
07-02-02 09:21
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  The problem w/ Ma Huang is that it does constrict blood vessels, can lead to high blood pressure/stroke.  Something, while it might be fun, is not the sort of thing you want to make a steady diet of.

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
07-04-02 06:12
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Hi Clearlight,
While Andy apprerciates your repy I think you misunderstood.
He said that his dream was so vivid he was almost able to taste it but that doesnt mean he was eating the stuff :) LOL!
Thank you anyway CL, your a champ!