GI_chilli (Stranger)
07-01-02 07:54
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SWIM has recently be doning some research on the NH3/LI synth, SWIM recenty ran up on a eays/fast synth. Not that SWIM is looking for a fast/easy synth but if it works? SWIM hopes to get some knowledgeable imput on the following synth, thanks   GI_chilli

.....not to down all the great methods posted here (they are good) but its is so simple its pathetic
i kinda had to take over for my husband due to his sudden unplanned forced vacation six months ago and if i can do it and quite well i might add anyone can
And produce about 200g in 35-45 minutes of the most whitest,styrofoam looking stuff ya'll have ever seen in your life/
a 4gallon ball jar
a qt of nh3(keep @ freezing temp reduces smell and pours out like water)
2880 ground up psuedo60s
29 lithium strips(from energizer aa L=91's)
2 CANS prestone starting fluid (sprayed off)
qt and half of camp fuel
take about half of the nh3 and pour into jar
then pour ground pills into and mix
add lithium strips and stir should start to turn so blue looks black
add rest of nh3 keep stirring until lithiem all dissolved
add the ether and camp fuel
keep stirring after about five minutes or so slowly start to kill reaction by steadlily pouring water down sides of jar when you see the reaction starting to die dump remainder of water directly on top
you newbies must be reminded that a lithiom and water mix will go boom and burn at over 2000degrees so maki sure all li iscompletely dissolved
let sit for a few minutes and should have distinct layers in your jar
suck off the top layer filter through about 7coffee filters into a clean and dry gallon jar
should run clear and quickly
then its gassing time
get a bug sprayer
put in plain salt and add just enough "liquidfire" to begin and put it to it
final step filter using only one or two filters and sqeeze as much as u can but not too hard
place filter containing 'stuff' on a fan for about five to seven minutes
biff bam badda bam
place under black light for few min and the most white fluffy shit yall have seen
burn test it and hear snap crackle pop as it crystalizes back up (careful turn foil over and it will fall off) leaving just snail trails you can barely see
and for those runners will dissolve instantly when hit w/water
if able leave accessible to air for three days
that three day rock will do just that rock ya for three dayssy way, but heck if it works?

......WoW  sounds good but can this be true? Befor SWIM acutally attempted this, SWIM would appreciate some knowledgeable imput on the following synth...
(Chef d'Equippe)
07-01-02 08:42
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      Nope, not true. Cant be if it doesnt have Vicks ...  Bookmark   

Nope, not true. Cant be if it doesnt have Vicks inhalers in the recipe.

Shoot Narcs, Not Drugs
07-01-02 09:26
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      U gotta add teh foil diretly in teh mixtuar  Bookmark