aquagirl (Vamp-Bee, Retired)
07-01-02 22:22
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      ozone as means of oxidation?  Bookmark   

I've been playing around with ozone for various reasons (none hive-chem related), and while doing some midnight research at the Univ on various ozone generating cells, I came across a ref mentioning using ozone + eugenol -> vanillin (it wasnt very detailed and I didn't have time to go further into it).  Anyway, I started perusing rhodium's chem page, which focuses on the hallucinogenic amphetamines (never much of an interest of mine, ingesting nor producing)- and I'm seeing tons of procedures involving oxidation....
Is o3 not practical (or simply won't work?) for any of these procedures? 

She Who Dances With Hampsters
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07-01-02 22:40
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      It's not practical on a bigger scale.  Bookmark   

It's not practical on a bigger scale. But aldehyde synth. with ozone is an old, well-known procedure.

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