crazyass (Stranger)
07-03-02 20:23
No 328390
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SWIC thought over his uncle's advise, but dreamt of using a steel fire extinguisher instead to avoid having to worry about teflon paint and the cracks, then just get a good workout shaking the MF during the reaction.  Can he really say the hell with a magnetic stir bar?  Also, I'm not sure if SWIC is blind, but not once did his uncle give specific instructions on the temp to heat the device to.  SWIC could use thick cloves to cover his hands against the heat when shaking, right?  SWIC is still a newbee, but how wise is his dream?

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07-03-02 20:57
No 328405
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If shaking isn't continous, decomposition can result frown
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07-03-02 22:02
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A fool and his nuts are soon departed.

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07-03-02 22:14
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wouldn't the catalyst attract to the steel?  If that's not a problem, does the device really need to be heated?  If so, to what temp?  If not, then why not just shake the bitch for a full hour, or probably less considering shaking would speed the reaction many times more than just stirring would, right?

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