Bwiti (PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
07-04-02 04:22
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      Very Crude BzCl -> Grignard ??  Bookmark   

  Provided that the Mg used is fresh turnings, could a Grignard be made from the crude benzyl chloride produced from bubbling HCl through benzene/zinc chloride(Yes, I'm talking about after the benzyl chloride's washed and dried). I know that a little benzene won't hurt, but I don't know about biproducts like benal chloride and trichloride??tongue

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(Chief Bee)
07-04-02 06:29
No 328572
      Dirty grignard  Bookmark   

?? You cannot make benzyl chloride from benzene/ZnCl2 - what did you intend to write?

Anyhow, trying to use dirty precursors in a grignard is just asking for side-reactions (polymerization with polyhalogenated derivatives happens pretty easily).

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(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
07-05-02 07:08
No 328931
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  I was talking about the chloromethylation of benzene synth on your site(../rhodium/chemistry /benzylchloride.html), or from T.S.2. - Washing the produced benzyl chloride, drying it, and making a Grignard from it without distilling it. So, I guess I'm better off just using the BzCl in a benzaldehyde synth.

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(Hive Bee)
07-05-02 17:38
No 329054
      Hey Bwiti  Bookmark   

Hey Bwiti, you needed some formaldehyde in there somewhere.   are you trying to get around distilling the stuff?  what's the purpose in using crude versus cleaning it before usage?
(PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
07-05-02 19:38
No 329079
      "are you trying to get around distilling the ...  Bookmark   

"are you trying to get around distilling the stuff?"

  Yes, but I think I'll at least distill off the benzene before converting the BzCl to benzaldehyde. I have plenty of formaldehyde, but I'd rather use paraformaldehyde to reduce the amount of water in the reaction.
  Hey, I noticed that you found that new allylbenzene synth(from styrene/DMSO). Surprised that hasn't gotten more attention! I'm sure excited about it!wink

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