raffike (Hive Bee)
07-04-02 10:43
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      Growing ephedra  Bookmark   

Swim is planning to grow some ephedra.It's perennial plant and swim plans to grow it 2 years.Do anyone know how frost tender this plant is.During 2 - 3 winter months temps are constantly under 0C around here.But summmers are quite warm(>20C).It's grows in mountains then why shouldn't it grow in my country.

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07-04-02 12:54
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      It does depend on the species  Bookmark   

I have Ephedra equisetina growing in zone 8. I have seen various other Ephedra species growing in zone 8 as well. I get frost as well - but there's frost and there's FROST - my frost is mild.

Most insects are not a problem with this plant but slugs will cause havoc with new shoots - put some slug-pellets down.
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07-04-02 21:31
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      seeds?  Bookmark   

i have been un succesful in finding seeds here in oz
the dry root easy, but seeds nup

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07-05-02 08:39
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      There are still few places that sell seeds.  Bookmark   

There are still few places that sell seeds.If you are intrested then send me a PM and i will name these sites.Anyway raf thinks he should give a try.Not just backyard.Let's say 30*30 metres field full of ephedra.2 or 3 years of growing and raf has never problems where to get pills or smthing.

A friend with speed is a friend indeed
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07-15-02 04:40
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      the plant itself  Bookmark   

ephedra is pretty resistant to adverse climate. Frost and or drought. check it out on the web there is no shortage of sites and they range from botanical to medical to ridicule.

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