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07-04-02 21:24
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      Name that amine?  Bookmark   

Could someone help with this amine, What I amine is, (haha) its a secondary amine, but which one?             
I sure hope that lets you know the amine I wanted named.

07-04-02 21:38
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      I think it is N-methyl alanine.  Bookmark   

I think it is N-methyl alanine. It's an amino acid derivative.

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(Hive Bee)
07-04-02 22:14
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Hey GC_MS, you're correct. N-methyl alanine.  good luck getting it without some synthesis on your part or some heavy fees for custom synthesis.  small molecule, not hard to make, but aurelius hasn't seen many around who supply it. 
07-05-02 08:50
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      In a Merke I have it says Formation of alkamines ...  Bookmark   

In a Merke I have it says Formation of alkamines by heating mixtures of aromatic aldehydes and amino acid. If the amino group is secondary then the following reaction takes place, then it show benzaldehyde + that compound = ephedrine. Unless Im mistaken on the ending product
(Hive Bee)
07-05-02 17:32
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      Akabori-Momotani reaction
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The reaction that the book is referring to would be the Akabori-Momotani reaction.  it is used for the formation of serine derivatives.  yes, you've figured out the method for ephedrine.  if you'd like here's some more specific information regarding what you're looking for.

Patent US04501919
Patent DE839500
Patent DE1086242
Patent DE960922
Patent DE1140198
Patent FR1017396

those are all patents regarding such reaction

Akabori S., Momotani K., J. Chem. Soc. Japan, 1943, 64, 608; C. A., 1947, 41, 3774
Dose K., Ber., 1957, 90, 1251.
Belikov V. M., Izv. AN SSSR. OHN, 1969, 2536

start there for details on how to do everything.  the first german patent will probably be the most helpful. 

have fun!!!
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07-07-02 03:35
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Aurelius thanks for finding and posting those patents. there are 3 distinct routes to meth via ppa which would mean that your not locked into one mechanism if the alanine, benzaldehyde condensation does work to yield ppa.

ppa + formaldehyde --> oxazoladine (reduce) --> meth
ppa (reduce) --> amphet + formaldehyde --> imine (reduce) --> meth
ppa + H2SO4 (steam distill)~60% --> p2p --> meth