sponsan (Stranger)
07-05-02 03:42
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I just received some benzo from a photo chem supplier.  It's a very fine powder, which is dark green in color.  The color is simmilar to canned peas (a little darker) or dark green olives.

Post 213704 mentions that this chemical is quinhydrone, which is a p-benzoquinone compound with hydroquinone, but is not as effective as pure p-benzoquinone.

My question is:  Will 150 grams of this compound be enough in the MM's benzo wacker variation, provided it's stirred with MeOH very well or am i wasting my time with it?

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07-05-02 07:20
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      You'll be fine with that.  Bookmark   

You'll be fine with that. Pure p-benzo is a dark yellowish color. You'll only get that stuff from a chem supply house. The stuff Swim gets from photo places is a pea green and works fine. Give it a whirl you'll see.

We'll soon find out if I'm a chemist or not!
07-06-02 03:24
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      Will report back wacker results with this chemical  Bookmark   

Thanks for feedback!

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