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07-07-02 08:41
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Swinl dreamed he had a failed benzo wacker.  Distilled 'ketone' only came over ~5-10C higher than starting material.  Probably because it was isomerized, right?  Normally swinl always dreams of success so he's like WTF?  There were only two variables.  One, the metal catalyst (PdCl2) inadvertantly sat in 100F temps for about three weeks.  Still covered in the dark and sealed in a plastic baggie, but in ~100F room.  The other variable was a new peanut oil (used as a buffering oil while vac. distilling) that still claimed to be 100% pure and with "no additives."  I don't see how the peanut oil would affect things, but what about the PdCl2?  There are no specific storage requirements for it that I know of, but the heat just can't be good for it.  What do Hive minds think/know?  Does PdCl2 break down in this sort of heat?  This dream really pissed swinl off and he wants to isolate the problem before it happens again. 

Oh yeah, one third variable.  Maybe.  Organic starting material (you know the one, just don't want to say) was from the same source, but the lady behind the counter said they were "going to change the ingrediants" she heard.  I don't know how you change the ingrediants to a steam distilled oil from a root bark but whatever.  It was said in the future tense as if it hadn't happened yet and the stuff came over at the usual temps with the same vac in the usual proportion and had the usual smell and appearence.  So I don't think it was fucked with, but is it possible that something could have been done to it to make it, um, non-fuckwithable or whatever?  (Good vocabulary I have, huh?)
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07-07-02 18:23
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Shit probably came over bright green too huh...

Came over really fast too...probably thought you were a pimp!

wont freeze either will it?

Diversion?  What diversion?  To who?  To where?  What were we talking about again?
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07-07-02 22:13
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What makes you sure that its bad Sass?  Shit came over at the right temp.  Had the right smell.  Seemed okay.  Completely clear - one can see right through it.  And when you say "won't freeze" ...is it supposed to?  Are you referring to the bright green shit or the Sass? 
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07-08-02 03:30
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You know what?  I think you're right MaDMAx.  The new peanut oil doesn't smell like peanuts like the last shit swinl used.  Swinl uses the buffering oil because he distills from a large flask, smaller ones don't fit into the oil bath completely because its a deep pot and swinl can't get the clamp low enough, you know?  He doesn't want to scorch that last little bit of 'tone.  And the old shit swinl used to use worked fine.

Okay - question - so now, if the oil actually did react with the ketone, what does swinl have now.  He'd like to still use the bright green shit.  My guess is that its isosafrole and I think swinl is going to try to do an oxone reaction to it just for the fuck of it.  But he doesn't want to waste time nor money, so whatdya think? 
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07-11-02 20:32
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      Nope that wasn't it. Even without the buffer oil ...  Bookmark   

Nope that wasn't it.  Even without the buffer oil - failure.  Swinl went back and re-distilled 'safrole' with a thermometer in the setup (instead of just monitoring the oil bath) - the shit came over at 10C higher than what its supposed to with his aspirator.  Precursor 2112, it looks like you're right.  It's the only remaining variable. 

So, I guess they replaced the safrole with another similar smelling oil?  Swinl thought it smelled different.  Mintier and not licorice enough.  Fuckin' A.  Maybe its a sign.  Time for swinl to bust out that dillapiole now ...Crooked fuckers gave me bunk Sassy.  Bastards!  Have you had this same experience, P.2112?  Not me, but swinl DID think he was a pimp until those ho's Sassy and Molly started turning tricks for themselves.  Just got to locate a new source.  Anybee feel nice enough to share a non-US source (PM-wise of course) on Sass?  Something besides the guy from France though with the old 2-1 punch if you know what I mean.  O-Bee hit me up. 
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07-14-02 07:12
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      BAD SASS SUCKS!!!!  Bookmark   

Somebody said once "get some tlc" plates...

Fuck a vacuum adapter is an adventure OKAY!

Bad sassy has to be the absolute worse..

You know that you've been intentionally fucked.

And when your buying it you can't say "this shit still has safrole in it right?"


when distilling It came over fast too didn't it?

The committee for real sass it putting together a list.

More later

Diversion?  What diversion?  To who?  To where?  What were we talking about again?
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07-15-02 02:12
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Seriously it makes swinl want to fucking shoot the person in the head that did this.  Swinl's seriously going to bitch someone out for fucking up my 'wine brewing' or my 'home made root beer brewing.'  They might know what's up, but swinl will try to be convincing.  This shit sucks.  Swinl's scared to buy the oil now.  That source used to be good and it just suddenly got fucked.  I wonder if it was a response to the sudden high sales in that oil in that store.  Probably was.  Hope maybe that's a lesson for some other bees.  Wiping out a store's sassy oil supply every month might not be a good idea.  Swinl thinks he might even steam distill the root bark just to be sure its true Sassy.  What's next, they find a way to genetically engineer Sassy trees that don't have Safrole?  Fuckers.
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07-17-02 07:53
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Just wanted to make a point clear.  Swinl's source that was bunk was NOT the French dude.  AFAIK, he's straight and I've heard this from a number of bees, swinl was just looking for something different source-wise.  Again, if any bee can lend a source, swinl'll keep quiet about it.  You guys just don't understand how much it fucking sucks to lose this source for swinl (well maybe you do ...).  Not to mention lost time, effort, chem.'s, etc.  Lesson to be learned for other bees - take the time to check EVERYTHING.  Don't slack.  Keep your thermometers on everything.  Always double check everything.  Do the sodium bisulfite test - its really easy to do - make a saturated sodium bisulfite or metabisulfite solution (or the potassium version of either will work) in water and put in a drop of ketone in a test tube.  It should form a solid, really pure tone will look like a crystal, not-so-pure will look like chicken fat, but still a noticible solid.  You have to shake it up and wait several minutes sometimes, but it should happen. 

Also, look for consistency.  Ketone should be somewhat viscous (sp?) ie - slightly syrupy.  Also, the ketone comes over ~25-30C higher than the allylbenzene.  I know this has all been said before, but I just don't want any bees to get fucked the way swinl was.  It really sucks to have to revert to cooking up meth ...gonna try a benzo wacker on dillapiole soon.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I don't see why it wouldn't work. 

BTW - Swinl called up the health food store that fucked him (from a payphone).  Pretended like it ruined his massage therapy oil recipe.  They were all apologetic claiming that the FDA had cracked down and forced them to remove the "active component" safrole.  Swinl was all like, oh that's bad, it wasn't harmful or carcinogenic was it?  They're like, no apparently people were using it to make some drug.  Swinl was like, you're kidding!  That's crazy!  Might have poured the BS on a little too much cuz the lady sounded like, uh-huh - what are the chances, you know goddamn good and well what you were doing with it, I know what's up.  But nothing was said, and swinl hung up feeling like a criminal drug chemist.  Fuckers.  I hate this fucking country.  Fuck the government.  And a recent poll by CNN showed that damn near 80% of the population would be willing to give up some freedoms in exchange for letting the FBI and other govt. agencies have the authority to monitor us freely and fuck us at will.  madmadmadmadmadmadmadmadmadmadmadmad