masterofpuppets (Hive Addict)
07-09-02 07:54
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      Exposure limits  Bookmark   

How does a ghetto bee work out the exposure limits for certain solvents (MOP means that although there are books that say "don't exceed 23523 ppm", how do u work out the solvent concentration in the air)?

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07-09-02 08:01
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      23523 ppm is very high concentration.  Bookmark   

23523 ppm is very high concentration.One can even smell the solvent when its conc. is around 100 ppm(depends).Your lab stinks horribly when conc is as high as you mentioned.

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07-09-02 09:18
No 330320
      And even then the ekspo.  Bookmark   

And even then the ekspo. limit wont kill you, only harm you iff you are working in it 8 houers a day.
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07-10-02 04:51
No 330675
      It was only a random number...  Bookmark   

the "2342345" or whatever MOP typed before was just a random number - what MOP wanted to know was in a ghetto setting how does on work out the concentration of a solvent??

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07-11-02 00:10
No 330977
      Or a gas mask, right Max?  Bookmark   

Or a gas mask, right Max?

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