macraney (Stranger)
07-09-02 18:37
No 330437
      "oxone" in europe  Bookmark   

there is no "oxone"  available here but, as swim was told, an alternative ........

MfG MacRaney
(Hive Addict)
07-09-02 19:02
No 330446
      "Bocasan" (sodium perborate)  Bookmark   

"Bocasan" (sodium perborate) ?

John Lennon - Working Class Hero
(Official Hive Approximator)
07-09-02 19:12
No 330447
      alternative  Bookmark   

if you can't get oxone, try this: Post 323780 (Osmium: "> Is that the same as potassium persulphate ?", Chemistry Discourse)
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
07-09-02 23:21
No 330522
      Peracetic?  Bookmark   

What about the peracetic? Glacial acetic acid is nearly OTC everywhere around the world and hydrogen peroxide surely is OTC in your area.