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07-11-02 01:24
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After reading the 2C-B sythesis linked to the Lycaeum via Rodium's site, I have a question of one of the involved steps.

Now we will distill the oil under reduced pressure and at a relatively high temperature. ... At full water pressure, the oil bath will need to reach 195 Celcius before the 2,5DMPEA will start to come over as clear, waterlike oil. Keep the temperature and pressure constant as the oil slowly drips over.

My question: Will distilling off the 2,5 DMPEA at 195 cause any decomposure of the product, and if so, are there any other viable alternatives. I don't see fractional freezing as practicle if it comes off at 195 under vacuum.

If this belongs in the Newbee forum, please relocate accordingly.

Thank you.


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07-11-02 01:33
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I believe that the yield will be lower if distilled at 190-200C than if you had a real vacuum pump, in which case the distillation temperature would be at least 50C lower.

Fractional crystallization of the freebase in a freezer won't work.
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07-11-02 04:38
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ok. thank you. it is good to know that with a vaccum pump swim would be capable of distilling at a lower temp. swims vacuum pump is 3-4 days away. it should be nice graduating from the

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07-11-02 19:07
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Is this a synth at SWIU is going to try?  SWIM has been very interested in this product, but was unsure of some of the varriables.  Please post or pm your friends results if they are working on this.

Many questions..

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07-12-02 00:07
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i heard some homeless guy blathering that he is stuying and reading but has run into problems aquiring certain chemicals. he will keep the hive posted and will post results, successes, failures, lost limbs, marriges, etc.

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07-12-02 16:39
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Yea, that was one of the major problem my friend was running into.  Still an interesting concept though.tongue

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07-16-02 06:50
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or 2,5 dmb???

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07-16-02 09:00
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I'd bee careful with both of em

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07-24-02 07:55
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2,5-dmb or not 2,5-dmb, that is the question.