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07-12-02 03:10
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Today, just as swim was about look for desighns to make a ghetto cold-trap, a generous bee just so happened to pm him with a simple desighn:
-Two containers (stainless steel, with lids that form a vacum seal) one small, that fits inside of the larger one, still leaving room for ice water/or dry ice-acetone
- the lid of the smaller container is drilled so as to accomodate two brass 'barbs' that will bee attached and then soldered on.
- the cold trap is then applied inbetween the rig (the distillation set-up) and the vac pump.

a few questions about this...
can mason/canning jars bee used for the container which will bee subjected to the vacuum?  Swim already knows that the jars arent any good for heated rxns, he just wonders beecause they are made to withstand a certain amount of vacuum (when hot shit cools in them they form their super-tight seal via vacuum) and they are often stored for extended periods of time in the freezer under these conditions by happy home-makers everywhere.
Swim thinks it would bee so convieniant to bee able to use them fancy assed lids- which are cheap as hell.
- Swim also wonders if its better to have a larger trap or a smaller trap.  Obviously a larger trap will bee able to hold more condensed solvent/or whatever is beeing vac distilled, but a smaller one, swim thinks, would maintain a colder internal temperature as there would bee less space where things would have a chance to bee warmer. (Its easier to freeze a cup of water as opposed to a gallon of water).

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
Also, another newbee pump question, are the threaded adapters that usually come with the pump ok to directly attach the hosing to? Or should a barb bee purchased for this as well (swim is concearned with leaks).

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07-12-02 09:11
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It depends what solvent u r distilling, and what the inside of ur pump is made out of.  EG u wouldn't want to get the slightest bit of DCM into a pump that has internal metal parts as the thing will begin to rust.  However not sure how the barb woudl help this.

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07-12-02 09:21
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      swims got a peice of shit pump for distilling ...  Bookmark   

swims got a peice of shit pump for distilling solvents or vac filtration (actually, when swim has distilled solvents in the past, he's just done atmospheric, he'll probably just continue to do so)...and he just got a new one that he wants to protect for distilling sass and the like.  The barbs are made specifically for attaching the hoses, his pump only came with a threaded adapter.  Swims been running back and forth to the store picking up peices and is getting fed up 'cause each time he comes home, hes gotta turn right around, go back to the same old store and pick up some more peices, he was just hoping somebody'd say that the vacuum wouldnt bee weakened if he just attached his hose to the threaded fitting.  Hes gonna get his ass to the store early tommarow and take care of it- ...must...do...it...right...damnit!-everythings always gotta bee a big pain in the ass!crazy

when someone asks what the sound of one hand clapping sounds like, you should smack them in the ear.
07-12-02 14:13
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      time to go back to the store...  Bookmark   

buy a hose barb that matches the internal diameter of your tubing. You won't bee sorry!
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07-12-02 16:15
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      Ok, try this. Get an erlyn flask with a 2 hole ...  Bookmark   

Ok, try this.

Get an erlyn flask with a 2 hole stopper. A tube from the vac pump is inserted just snuggly into one hole. The vacuum line tube from the rig is inserted into the other hole and pushed all the way down to the bottom. Make sure the tubes are long enough to give good slack. Also place a rock or something (which will provide surface area, as well as weight) in the flask.

Then fill a bucket with acetone and dry ice. Submerge the flask... Wahlah!

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07-13-02 07:44
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  CaCl+6h2o  + H2O  + Ice = -51deg F

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