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07-13-02 19:24
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      Construction of a low cost pH meter  Bookmark   

Another useful link for constructing electronic pH meter.

And make yourself some pH electrodes

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07-13-02 23:01
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      calibrating the meter  Bookmark

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07-13-02 23:31
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      $30-$50 bucks for a submersable digital that will ...  Bookmark   

$30-$50 bucks for a submersable digital that will read to the nearest tenth.  Why fuck around?
remember to pick up some solution to give it a good cleaning every now and then (deposits can form even if its stored correctly with deionized h2o).  Those little buggers will last YEARS if you take care of them properly.

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07-13-02 23:36
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      Excellent link  Bookmark   

Excellent link(s)!

SWiSD will begin immediatly.

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07-14-02 01:44
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      look into mushroom growing  Bookmark   

i won't say where, but an excellent mushroom growing resource company also sells chep ph meters.

So you need a precursor to a pecursor, just to make a precursor