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07-14-02 13:10
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I don't know if anybeedy else has noticed this, but many shoe repair adhesives contain toluene. Sh*e G*o II has it, and many generics as well. practicality = low as i am aware there is not much in the shoe repair adhesive, and it is quite expensive, but i thought i should post just for common knowledge.


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07-14-02 15:07
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Now what is it that bad we need to pull our toulene from glue? Great source. AH, but that's a no no.

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07-14-02 15:37
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It sure has become more difficult to locate this past year especially since Big Oranges competator Low_s quit carrying it.Asked them why they took it off the shelf and they stated it was due to the fact that it was the most desired by people who like to inhale solvents.So swim started looking elsewhere  without much success and finally just contacted the manufacturer of the toluene itself which was Cr_wn.They stated that their products were still available through other distributors such as the hardware chain that goes by the name of Ac_ or the home of the helpful hardware man.Thing about that is there are right at 35 of those stores in a 50sq mile area and only about 3 of them actually carry the Toluene.Also since Dwarfer came up with the pp/ss swim no longer needs this nasty smelling stuff as its work has already been done by the acetone.
07-14-02 16:37
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Still available here(in the back room) just know what its for and ask for it!. The girl at the counter had to get help finding it the last time swip visited.Seems to be HiGHly
sought after by those that huff vapors...I didn't have any problem whatsoever..I usually wear a work uniform(not mine) to look the And thats the Big paint store.

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07-14-02 19:05
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A little bird told SWiSD that Toulene can once again bee found in a certain hardware store. Now SWiSD can't give you the name, because that would bee posting a source.


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07-14-02 19:13
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ya know toluene->benzyl chloride->benzyl cyanide(acetonitrile)->p2p isn't that hard.

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07-14-02 20:51
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Squidippy,Swim did a local search in the Houston area and it does not show up.   Maybe its a regional thing.
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07-15-02 01:18
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There are three Lowes in SWiSD's are 2 do 1 doesn't. Go figure.

Crime doesn't pay. If you get caught, that is.
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07-15-02 04:57
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In SWIMS area it has been removed from the shelves of all major stores. SWIM is going to check some of the smaller mom and pop operations or a neigboring town.


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07-15-02 05:21
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Just out of curiosity, would any bees out there pay $30 USD for 4L of toluene, by mail order? I know some bees that do that . And it works for them..blush
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07-16-02 17:37
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LMAO, I would look into alternative methods/solvents

2 each their own..

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07-17-02 00:55
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Hey guys you can still find this at your Local "Honest" Value Hardware store.  In some regions.  You can in TX.  Peace and good luck.

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07-31-02 10:10
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I believe that toluene and certain other solvents are banned by the EPA and local environmental agencies in smog areas starting sometime this year.  The whole VOC thing has gotten way out of hand.
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07-31-02 15:03
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The red cans of contact cement are being pulled as we speak. The green can (h2o base) is the replacement.  We can thank the HUFFERS for that.

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07-31-02 20:58
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yeah jetson overheard two people talking about the contact cement issue and why it was being pulled.  they figured it was probably one of the chemicals or something in it and the one guy even went as far as to mention toluene specifically.  i just stood there looking for what i needed in awe that they're going that far.  but yeah,  thanks huffers,  you fuks!!!

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