Rhodium (Chief Bee)
07-16-02 03:50
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../rhodium/chemistry /mdma.drdrool.html
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07-16-02 06:37
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It's like the collected wisdom of everything the amatuer cook wants to know about the BS synth.  I want to roll it up and smoke it because i'm sure it would get me high.
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07-16-02 17:56
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This is the basic procedure swim went thru.  But the info on the hive is scattered.  Very nice job... 

Should go well... tongue

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07-17-02 13:52
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Bravo Rhodium, bravo! Not only will this help people be successful, but keep them from hurting themselves too.
Good work!

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07-17-02 16:26
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hoh: Pure ketone can take storage at room temperature and above, but most bees use simple distillation and keep everything that distills over as being "ketone", and that is at most 75% pure. I don't have any exact data, but I could imagine that mixture being significantly less stable. 
(Hive Bee)
07-19-02 14:46
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      nitromethane (CH3NO2)  Bookmark   

   Perhaps racing fuel additives could be a more desirable source of nitromethane. Products are typically 94.5 - 99.5 per cent raw nitromethane.  Residual percentage is nitroethane and nitro-propane mixed. I would assume a fractional distillation may still be in order, so perhaps the methanol and castor oil in model RC fuel is easier to seperate?

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07-19-02 22:50
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      simple distillation  Bookmark   

I've found no difference in the nitro produced by fractional distillation and the nitro from simple distillation.  You will want to save the methanol distillate, as it will contain ~8% nitromethane.  You can add two parts water to every one part nitro/methanol, and then add DCM to extract out the nitro.  Or you can calculate the exact percentage of nitro in methanol and add this as is to the reaction; it works just fine.

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07-22-02 03:50
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      I read that new write up and in there he stated ...  Bookmark   

I read that new write up and in there he stated that he just stirred his methanol/safrole/pdcl2/p-benzo without reflux?
Has anyone tried the MM wacker without reflux?

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07-22-02 06:13
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yeah, SWIM ran a 1x MM benzo and forgot to turn on the heat... let it sit overnight, stirring at room temp, then ran it with heat for 8h.  got crappy yields, ~50% of expected.

i learned a thing or two from charlie dontcha know.