Pmabe27 (Stranger)
07-16-02 17:00
No 333277
      Why is toly everyone’s fav. NP  Bookmark   

Maybe someone can clue me in on this but I really don’t understand why toly seems to be everyone’s favorite NP. Just opening the can makes the house smell like a petroleum distillery, much less boiling the shit on the stove. And it is not like it has an exceptionally low BP ether. I would much rather use Zippo lighter fluid I am pretty sure it is naphtha. The smell is not half as bad, it’s BP is lower than water and you can find it every where. If I had my choice however I would probly prefer diethyl either but good luck finding that with out some other petroleum distillates along for the ride. But I may just not be enlightened with the whole toly thing so I would appreciate it if someone were to tell me why everyone seems to prefer it to Zippo fluid?
(Hive Bee)
07-16-02 18:02
No 333291
      Dunno,may be purer.What about benzene?  Bookmark   

Dunno,may be purer.What about benzene?Lower bp than toluene.It is said to be carcinogen but i don't think it's dangerous.Safrole is also carcinogen but they seem to use

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07-16-02 20:00
No 333307
      It's not  Bookmark   

First off, it's not. DCM is my favorite NP. The smell isn't too bad, the BP is low, distillation goes quickly, it sinks to the bottom (nice when doing extractions). Ether is another great NP. The BP is low, distillation goes quickly, it floats to the top (nice when doing washes). Unfortunately, ether has a pungent smell that carries for some distance.

Toluene is great for dissolving aromatic compounds... plus the water solubility is low which is great for the environment (better than DCM), but unfortunately, it smells a lot worse than ether and is also a nasty toxic compound... personally I can't believe anyone is using it without the ability to distill it to reuse it or would even think about boiling it without using a condenser.
(Chief Bee)
07-16-02 21:43
No 333333
      I second everything that Chromic said.  Bookmark   

I second everything that Chromic said.
07-17-02 00:28
No 333375
      Benzene  Bookmark   

raffike: Toluene is said to be about 5% as carcinogenic as benzene. The body is far more capable of dealing with toluene as it has the methyl group. I would not worry about safrole.

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07-17-02 00:56
No 333381
      zippo isnt nessisarily the cleanest either, swim ...  Bookmark   

zippo isnt nessisarily the cleanest either, swim beelieves some of them naphta products that come in metal cans usually have rust inhibitors in them.  Not good for the final product, especially if your neglecting a backwash before evaporation.  IF naphta is what your looking for, and your going OTC, swim suggests using Rosi##l lighter fluid.  It comes in a yellow plastic bottle.  Make sure not to heat the naphta in the plastic container is it will pull a little yellow (from the container) with it!

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07-17-02 02:37
No 333398
      Because naptha sucks as a solvent in my opinion, ...  Bookmark   

Because naptha sucks as a solvent in my opinion, it holds hardly nothing as far as the volume ratios of solvent to the oil it contains. I had to use a whole liter of naptha once just for it to hold 40ml of oil, that was all it could handle. I guess its something to do with higher carbon count on some solvents not being able to hold a lot of oil. Have you noticed that all the good solvents have low carbon counts?
(Old P2P Cook)
07-17-02 03:29
No 333420
      Naphtha sucks  Bookmark   

Because naptha sucks as a solvent in my opinion, it holds hardly nothing as far as the volume ratios of solvent to the oil it contains. I had to use a whole liter of naptha once just for it to hold 40ml of oil, that was all it could handle.
I'll second that. Naphtha (lighter fluid) is a very poor substitute for toluene.
(Hive Bee)
07-17-02 08:26
No 333515
      Reply to 'Naphtha sucks'  Bookmark   

And as a further point, [bold]pure[/bold] DCM is hard to locate OTC.  Sure, it can be distilled from this one source that has a plane on the can and is used to clean metal, but that's an extra distillation which is nice to avoid if you can.  Ether can't be had OTC.  Naphtha is weak as hell as everyone stated already.  It only really seems to work once its warm besides.  But its selective towards certain things such as DMT (Ether works well for DMT too BTW). 

So for the clandestine chemist, that makes Tolly and Xylene the two best choices.  And it seems you can substitute one for the other with no problems.  They're completely OTC, although Tolly is getting hard to find in some places.  Also, one can worry less about losing product when washing product dissolved in these NP's.  I guess that's why they're so popular. 
(Hive Bee)
07-17-02 15:05
No 333576
      automobile  Bookmark   

As i know Diethyl ether (common name: Ether) is VERY OTC as SWIJ goes to automobile shop and buy's 2L Diethylether as Starter Fluid or OCTANE enhancer.

btw. my favorite is Diethylether cause when SwiJ Gasses the ether makes so wonderfull pure needles. i love it. and the odor is beautifull

Chemistry are not only the things that stink. :)
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07-17-02 18:44
No 333643
      Hallucinations  Bookmark   

And let us not forget the cool trippy effects of toulene when you just can't seem to stop taking deep breaths.

BTW dont try this at home kids
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07-17-02 19:06
No 333648
      Re: Hallucinations  Bookmark   

Huffing, yuck. gross.

07-18-02 18:06
No 334146
      Diethyl Ether OTC ??  Bookmark   

Jan if you know of an otc source for Diethyl Ether w/o any petroleum distillates or other crud in it please enlighten us.
07-18-02 19:57
No 334196
      Et2O  Bookmark   

I also agree with Chromic; DCM has a wonderful aroma, and is just a great all-round np solvent. Cheap, too.

Diethyl ether is found in some brands of starter fluid without hexane/other petroleum distillates, although it is usually contaminated with heavier oils 'cylinder lubricants'.

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07-19-02 04:40
No 334392
      distill  Bookmark   

so distill it, if you go to industrial park truck places you can get 1 litre tanks of it for diesel trucks
(Hive Bee)
07-19-02 17:35
No 334612
      BENZENE IS TOXIC!!!  Bookmark   

This is the one material hazard that you should heed.  Benzene is a very dangerous substance and is not only extremely carcinogenic, but is toxic if you breathe in too much.  People at chemical plants freak out if you even mention benzene.

Safrole, on the other hand, is probably not carcinogenic, as this is most likely a myth created by the DEA.  Strange how it was claimed to be carcinogenic right when XTC was becoming controlled (1976).