slamjammer (Stranger)
07-17-02 20:11
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Thanks to Labtop and tfse,no problems.Hate benzo though.Was day dreaming of O2 wacker,reading up on it,seems to be problems.As am not too much of a chemist, was wondering if the problem lies in the chemistry or the mechanical end of it. One poster, in rhodium's site, would like us to jump up and down shaking the vessel for hours...this is impossible. Stirring may not be good enough?? Was skulking at hardware store, in paint section and the paint shaker twigged an idea...why not use a shaker????Would shake and mix the living bejesus out of anything on there,even add a couple pp chunks.
Could easily make something for a $hundred.And could maybe use this in conjunction with benzo wacker.
Any thoughts/ideas if this would fix things??Appreciate any ideas/criticisms.
(Hive Bee)
07-18-02 17:11
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As pickler mentioned in the "lazy man wacker"-thread a while
ago(Post 325635 (legionbob: "Lazy man's wacker continues...", Methods Discourse)) a "paint shaker" should work..


Weedar contains 2,4-D dimethylamine salt,apparently
07-18-02 23:26
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I tried this method once. better bolt the bitch down to the floor!
(Hive Bee)
07-19-02 17:05
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      Try making the rxn vessel out of PVC and hooking ...  Bookmark   

Try making the rxn vessel out of PVC and hooking up a sparging system that circulates and mixes the gas and the solvent.
07-19-02 19:21
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Was thinking to make a large base,where I can put a ruff tote full of water to hold her down.Will have a stroke of 6 inches or so,and am hoping to scale it up from the 50 ml sass.
(irritable and cranky)
07-20-02 10:29
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      Gee, how innovative! Why didn't anybody ever ...  Bookmark   

Gee, how innovative! Why didn't anybody ever think of using a paint-shaker before?

Bandwidth must be getting cheaper around here.
(Hive Bee)
07-20-02 12:36
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Yea, no matter how many people for several years do somethign some one will find out for thie first time and think they have found a new miracle when in fact everydbody and their evil drug cooking twin SWIM has made some ghetto shaker from ropes and bathtub bobbing to reciprocating saws duct taped to 2l bottles for a h2 or o2 pressure reaction along with the people who had very expensive lab shakers to stolen harware store paint shakers.