kreo (Stranger)
07-17-02 22:10
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      acyclic meperidine analogue from OTC chems?  Bookmark   

swim was wondering if an acyclic meperidine analogue could be synthesized from otc chems. swim read ritters synthesis in post 314671 and got an idea.

swim was wondering if swim could acyclate the amine with propionyl chloride while protecting the secondary alcohol group, then forming an ester with the alcohol.

this idea sounds kind of whack.
how would you protect the alcohol?
would the resulting product be active?

thank you for your input
peace out
07-19-02 01:25
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      how could i have forgotten  Bookmark   

yeah swim just realized swim forgot to mention that the starting chem would be from pseudoephedrine.

im an artist. i look at things from a creative perspective.
peace out