scram (Stranger)
07-18-02 23:18
No 334253
      Nitromethane as 02 wacker solvent  Bookmark   

Im not smart enough about chemical conversions to know if this is too dangerous. I do know that MeN02 is supposed to be much more volatile under pressure. And is 50% 02 by weight. Could this 02 be stripped off the compound and added to the Safrol. If so, what would the Men02 be 'reduced' to? Or is this a compound that won't give up its oxygen like so?
(Hive Bee)
07-19-02 17:08
No 334599
      There are many different oxidizers that can be ...  Bookmark   

There are many different oxidizers that can be potentially applied for use in the wacker.  Basically, anything that will oxidize Cu+ to Cu+2 will work, so long as it doesn't interfere with the reaction or react with the safrole or ketone.  I don't think nitro compounds will work.  Alkyl nitrites definitely work, and sodium nitrite and nitrate have been used for other wacker applications before.