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07-20-02 23:16
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This looks wrong :

I thought that dry ice was also needed.

Also, can carbon dioxide gas be bubbled into the grignard rxn instead of using dry ice ?

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07-20-02 23:52
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Since that's a cognate preparation, one must look at the above synthesis to find little details like using carbon dioxide laugh Yields are best by pouring benzylmagnesium chloride directly onto powdered dry ice, bubbling CO2 gas is very low yield frown
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07-22-02 11:25
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I did this reaction once on a highly substituted benzyl chloride by simply throwing chunks of frozen CO2 into the flask containing the grignard and the yields were pretty good. Don't bother with powdering etc, you will introduce too much water. Just crush the CO2 enough so it will go through the joint.

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